I called the police this morning

I wasn’t going to but I thought I should. I’m still questioning it

I was on my way home in the pouring rain from karaoke. I come to an intersection where I have to turn left. There are two left turn lanes and I’m in the right most. There is a car in front of me with the brake lights on.

Light turns green car doesn’t move. Driver doesn’t seem to make any attempt to go. Puzzled I miss the chance to move one lane over and go. I then back up move over and wait for the light to change thinking the driver may be not paying attention.

Light turns green I go, and notice that the other drive is still there. I think it’s odd and he may need help. I drive past a 7-11 hoping there is an officer there but nothing.

I say to myself I will drive past one time if he is still there I will call the police. I get to the corner and yep still in same spot.

I call on-star and ask to be connect to the <name of town> police and explain what’s going on. She puts me on hold to connect me to the police.

While I’m waiting I’m sitting with my hazzards on so no one comes and plows into the car. Finally she connects me and I tell the situation to the dispatcher. While on the phone a cop car comes driving by & doesn’t stop. I did relay this to the the phone person doesn’t seem concerned. I ask if I should wait for the cops but he has dropped off the line. On-Star person tries to talk to them but the dispatcher is indeed gone.

A few minutes later (longer than I feel should pass) two cop cars come to the intersection. As one is pulling up behind me I lower my window and put my hands in clear view. I greet the officer when he comes to my window, explain I am the person who called it in. I ask if I may go and he said to go.

Was there anything crazy on the news about it this morning?

Nothing that I heard. I’m going to try to keep an eye on the police blotter in the paper if I can remember.

A similar thing happened to me in Albuquerque about a year ago. The timing was a little different, though; there was already a cop with his lights flashing. As I pulled up to the traffic light, we could see the cop cautiously approaching the driver’s side of the Ford Ranger that was stopped in the middle lane. As we rolled to a stop, we could see a woman who appeared to be in her late 20s slumped over the wheel, with no sign of consciousness. Pretty surreal experience, I’d say.

Drunk and fell asleep at the stop light. That’s my bet.

Yup, that or maybe a heart attack.

We passed an elderly gentleman off the road in a cluster of trees slumped over the steering wheel last year. The police were there and another car was stopped whose driver was sobbing. Nothing in the paper, though. I’ve wondered if the man had died while driving and the young woman was the one who had gotten to the scene first.

I wouldn’t question it. The driver may indeed have needed help and you got him some. If he was drunk, you got a dangerous driver off the road. You did the right thing, even if you never find out what happened.

I have been to multiple calls like this. Most were drunks who fell asleep. The drunk would have woken up eventually and drove off to possibly hurt someone. Once it was a guy with a burst blood vessel in the brain. He died almost instantly, his foot was still on the brake. 33 years old.