I can finally grow a beard...

I’m 35 and have never really been able to grow a full beard, in that the area from my jaw line to the corner of my mouth just never developed beard growth. So basically, growing a beard would have to involve growing out my mustache to connect with my jawline growth, otherwise look like Liam Neeson in the first of the Star Wars turd franchise.

Well, for a year now, that small missing link to a full beard has developed. Weird, eh? I wonder if this is along the lines of how men start to sprout hear from their ears when they get old?

Anyway, it looks as though I can now finally grow a real beard. Now the only problem is that it’s coming in white at my chin. Damn you Universe!

unfortunately we can’t all be like ZZ Top (at least 2/3s of them, though Frank Beard did have a short one for a while)

Hey, I’m 63 and I still can’t grow a beard. The best I can do is look old and decrepit.

…but I’m very good at that last one.

I think Qui-Gon’s beard is a perfectly serviceable beard (though it makes The Phantom Menace no more of a serviceable Star Wars film) but congratubeardlations anyway!

Thanks to perimenopause, so can I!