I can honestly say I'm happy....Can you?

I’m pretty damn happy,I am not sure if i’m totally happy. I think my post is a juxtaposition…surely it can be done, but who knows for sure.


Well you did ask.

Sadly, I’m going to have to agree with yojimbo on this.

Quite happy, if a bit tired at the moment…

Worn out, and have many storm clouds on the horizion.

But if I keep ahead of them I’m cool.

Actually, yeah, I am. I start teaching on Monday, and I’m totally revved to start.

It’s all coming together.:slight_smile:

Me too.

I’m very happy, life is as it should be.

I hope I don’t jinx myself with this, but I gotta say that:

Damn, life is good and it’s only getting better.

It’s like been that way ever since I hooked up with my fiance. I really think she makes life perfect.

Oh I hate all of you, well not really, I’m happy that you’re happy.
However 'm just confused and vaguely miserable, why are guys so complicated and indecisive?


I’m tired, I’m worn out… but dammit, I’m actually pretty happy. I’m almost finished with the classroom-level classes at school, and I’ll actually be working soon. It also seems that I just might actually get my “dream restaurant” for externship, and get to work under one of my idols.

So, yeah. I’m happy.

My life hits its apex about 18 months ago. Or so I thought, every day since then has been better than the one before.

I am completely, amazingly, effervescently (as much I effervesce anyway - I’m still a curmudgeon) happy.

Yes, I am very happy right now. I have a great job, a wonderful BF and a very nice apartment. Plus I have the best cats in the world! How could I not be happy???


I’m happy.

And now I’m happy!

Happy? Um… in some ways I guess but not completely… shrugs

Actually NO.

I have an hour left of work and I am quite pissed off.
This day has drug on like fingernails on a chalkboard, and if I dont get out of this office soon I may snap.

Let’s take inventory:

good job - check
good place - check
lack of money troubles - check
health - check
girlfriend to share it with - nope.

No, I’m not happy.

You must have been aware of the duality of your comment. On one side is the casual comment in the present time that you feel happy. On the other is that feeling that so many people seek and what it really is. self help gurus make money, religions promise their brand of infinite joy, and really decadent ravers go for the intense, finite rush of nirvana.

Am I happy now? Yeah I guess. But it is an elusive feeling. Its not something one really should seek out. Often times when I am experiencing something, I don’t realize how much fun I am having until it is almost over (or in the past). In hindsight, my happiest memories often come from incidents from tougher times. But that wonderful night out with the buddies where you somewhat forgot how shitty things are and had the time of your life. I don’t worry about being happy. I have been euphoric at times and not realized that things really sucked.

OK, I am rambling. But I keep those shitty feelings because they do serve a purpose. My most inspired poetry came from the intensity of pissy periods. They are crucial for survival and knowledge about what the hell is happining around you at times. Do you prefer a sugery happy song, or a gritty song about a man hurt by a woman, and getting drunk at a bar.

Am I happy? Yes. Possibly more than ever. But not all the time. And I will not test fate and say I am better than ever.