I Can Retire in Five Years!

A long US vacation is a time to visit porfessionals. Went to the lawyer to update my will. The dentist checked my teeth. Saw my phrink, and he says I am sane.

Went to see my investment lady. I am nervous and told her to reduce my beta all to heck. Then we talked about buying houses (market is not at its low, she guesses). I asked her when I can retire.

“How much do you need?” she asked.
“About $40,000 a year,” I replied.

She stabbed at her calculator and came up with a number. Five more years, at age 55!

I have screwed up a lot of stuff in my life, but I am so proud of myself for socking away so much money so young.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. I am very happy about this.

Congratulations, Paul! Have you decided where you’re going to retire to?

If you work twn years, you could support me in my old age.


Good for you. My Wife and I saw an investment guy a few months ago. Had an asset allocation study done. Does not inclue our house or the property that we own. Just retirement funds with no dependence on social security. We are doing better than we thought.

If we want to retire at about $120 ,000 a year for the both of us, we should be able to do it at 65. With the growth of the fund(s), we would have 4 mil at our expected demise at 85. We are DINKS. We ARE going to have fun when we retire. First class baby (at least once :slight_smile: )

I think we can beat 65, and perhaps retire at 55. Got a lot of thinking to do.

Congrats, Paul. My Hubby is scheduled to retire in May of next year, at 58. His retirement pay will not be quite what he was making though, so he’ll have to take up some part time work. Better than sitting around the house being bored I reckon. :wink: