I can walk! It's a miracle!

Well, maybe not a miracle, but I had pretty serious knee surgery on the 13th of March - two weeks ago today, and I can now walk unaided by crutches or cane. Granted, my gate is slightly lurching, but I’m really, really amazed and excited that my recovery has been so swift. The surgery I had was ACL reconstruction with Allograft. I posted about it here.

Absolutely amazing, what modern doctorin’ can do for us. I had ACL/MCL reconstruction in 1987 and it took a year before I could walk again. And honestly, I could sort of lurch around without crutches a few days ago, but today’s the first day I can actually walk almost normally.

I attribute my rapid recovery to good health and exercise, because I certainly don’t have yoot on my side (I’m 38).

Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!

Cool! Now, can you do something about my shoulder? It’s been messed up for a month and a half.

Coastal Orthapedics in Beverly (on the Beverly Hospital campus).

You’re welcome.


Well drag your ass over to the fridge and bring me a cold one.
Glad you’re doing alright ya’ mangy old varmint. :smiley:

i should write greeting cards

Hey, cool! Don’t push it, do what your doctor says, blah blah blah, and I hope it all goes well!

Omegaman Greeting Card Company: when you care enough to say “Bitch me up a beer, motherfucker!”.

I’m touched. Thanks, bubba. :slight_smile:

Yay! flings self at you in hug

…uh, I hope I didn’t damage your leg there…

I recommend keeping the cane. Canes are pimpin’!

It’s amazing how the most mundane things feel so …umm… amazing after regaining the ability to do them. Wishing your continued health!

The one I’ve got with me has a removable handle and reveales a concealed vial for my “pain meds”. I’ve got another cane with a cobra head handle that removes to reveal an 18 inch dagger - now that’s pimpin’.

Winston, my man, you’re behind the curve! My 60 year old M-I-L got both knees replaced last summer and was up and around within 48 hours!

I kid, I kid. Congratulations!

You should probably look at getting your hinges replaced with some nice solid galvanised steel ones, assuming the gatepost is still sound…

I just oiled the hinges on my gait, and I assure you, they are fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? Huh, you don’t look like a useless old geezer.

So this means you’re coming to the 'fest tomorrow, right? You can practically jog to Salem.

Winston Smith:slight_smile: