I canceled my mom's AOL account

And it was absolutely painless. No fuss, no muss, no hassle.

I was all set to put up a good fight. Damn.

That’s what you think. Keep an eye on the credit card bill.

It’s not over. With those guys it never is.

Just call your credit card company and tell them to no longer accept charges from AOL. If any charges appear, dispute them. There’s no magic to it.


Is it really common for AOL to continue to charge people after they’ve cancelled their accounts? I’ve heard this many times.

If it really is common, aren’t there laws against this? Have there been any investigations or charges against AOL for this?

When I lived at home, we cancelled AOL after four years and they didn’t say a thing, try to keep us, or continue billing us. Was completely professional and painless.

I think, like Wal Mart, it’s just an easy mark for people to attack due to its huge successes. A lot of people have legitimate issues with both but I have a hard time imagining how either stays in business if you believed everything you read about them.

You do have to call them, though, don’t you? I’m canceling my account soon, and I’m worried if there will be a long conversation since I’ve been a member for seven or eight years. I’m not sure how many "are you sure? are you really really sure?"s I can deal with.

I called them; from dialing the number to hanging up the phone was maybe 10 minutes, and most of that was hold time. Seriously, I’m no fan of AOL, but you keep hearing the horror stories about trying to cancel. Obviously YMMV, but it was as straightforward and simple as I could hope for - there was absolutely no pressure to not cancel. I did tell them that I had another ISP, which is true, which might have something to do with it.

I cancelled AOL just before I left for Basic. Even though I told them that I wasn’t interested in continuing with them because I didn’t know when I would be home again they kept trying to sell me on extending. After what was about the thousandth refusal (exaggerated, but it really was a lot) they finally gave up, told me that I was paid until the end of the month so I could use it for the remainder of the month with no hassle. I used it once that evening and left the next morning.

When I came back, you can imagine my surprise when I saw that I had paid for two more months. The rationale? I had used it again after cancelling, even though they told me that I could because I was paid up, so that must mean that I enjoyed their service so much that in spite of everything I had said to the contrary I really wanted to continue their service.

Get mixed up with these people at your own peril, and check your credit card bill every month for a while, I’d say at least three months, to make sure that they’re gone.

Also, in the words of Marcellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction: “When you gone, you stay gone, or you be gone”, no matter what they tell you.