I cannot say that I have ever seen anything like this. (kinda gross)

I found this link on Portal of Evil. Surprisingly, it’s not pornographic or disturbing - I mean, not as in rotten.com disturbing. There are no, erm, visuals to go along with it, just pictures of the product they’re trying to make you buy.


Okay, remember those Play-Doh factory things where you could squeeze a log of Play-Doh through a star-shaped template? Somebody looked at one of those for way too long.

Dear gods. While I’m pretty sure that it was intended to be a gag gift, you know someone somewhere is taking it seriously.


They’re going for ringers at ratemypoo.com.

I looked for some kind of disclaimer, to keep them off the hook on product liability. I couldn’t find one. I guess they figure the term “gag gift” is a disclaimer in itself. I’ll be somewhere on or in the box, there’s a big instruction, “Not for insertion in rectum”.

Oh, thank God. It’s dishwasher safe! :smiley:


Whew! Glad you caught that! I was dreading to have to hand clean it. What a relief that I can just drop it into my silverware rack on the washer!

I don’t think using the “Spaghetti Turd” one would be too wise unless you’ve got diarrhea, in which case your shit is probably going to be too watery to be able to be formed into anything “fun”.