I can't beat this stupid free cell game.


Ok I was playing some free cell just to kill time and I hit this game and I can’t find a solution for it.

Game #9182
Little help here?
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According to this thread there is one freecell game that is unbeatable – # 11982. I wonder if this is the same game you’re playing.

Clear out the left side first is about the best advice I can give. The (2) 7’s in the second to left (I think?) column are crucial, you’ll have a lot of columns stuck at 6-5-4- until you get those 7’s out.

I took a screen shot of the game after I was done, not much help solving it…

This website:
says that it is one of the difficult ones (such as 617, 1941, etc) but it does have links to the solutions.
As FatBaldGuy stated, onlyy 11982 is unsolvable.

Solved it.

My trick was to approach the fifth column first. You’ve got plenty of places to put those queens.

I played FreeCell once. In the 60’s, for about 30 seconds…

I hate games too smart for me. I prefer my mindless single-deck Spider, where I can confidently kick it’s ass instead of it kicking mine.

I hadn’t played Freecell for years until I saw this (and of course it was a challenge). I did get it out, but it took me over an hour. As with GuanoLad, the fifth column needs clearing. Even after that, it needs a lot of thought.

Sorry, that’s incorrect.

Try solving game #s -1 or -2.