"I can't believe no one has mentioned" posters, I'm calling you out...

It’s not a joke thread just because a bunch of jokers hijack it. [sub]Whistles innocently[/sub] I also don’t think this subject is worth having an aneurysm over.


What? Really? Oh, OK. Wish I had known this a little earlier.

Eh. Sometimes it’s legit. In a 5 page thread about, say, I don’t know, the works of Douglas Adams, it would be surprising to find that no one had mentioned the Dirk Gently books. Sometimes it truly is surprising that you are the one who gets the chance to beat an old joke further into the ground or key someone into some good shit. Honestly now, this type of statement (while it may lack originality) need not indicate a holier-than-thou attitude. I have often seen it as an expresison of true surprise.

One thing that is not surprising is how this thread went. If there is one thing that Doper’s love, it’s Meta-Jokes. God bless them every one. . .

DaLovin’ Dj

Well, for obvious entries, I see your point dalovindj, but when somebody goes into histrionics over leaving Snow Patrol (who ain’t exactly a household word) out of a “Coldplay Sounds Like…” thread, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

As for Meta Humor, I want to use something like this more often in SDMB, from Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

Meatwad: You have any idea how many hours there are in a month?
Frylock: 728
Meatwad: Neither do I.

I feel your pain. Now, name five people who end sentences like this: “With know?”

I might start doing it.
bolding mine

Smeg, it has been mentioned! I am never an annoying and uncareful reader, :wally, and I never get whooshed!

Hey, check the Terk threads. I’m already doing it. On other boards. Hell, might as well, since I made the mistake of substuting with for ya. :smiley:

Sayings like “I can’t believe nobody has mentioned” add variety to our language and facilitate starting different sentences or posts with different grammatical structures. When a series of sentences or posts all start the same way, they sound boring and repetitive. When a saying like that is used, it is sometimes true (as dalovindj said). When somebody starts a pit thread just to say they’re annoyed at a saying, it looks silly. When a mere saying is that annoying to you, just skip over it. :smiley:

Sheesh! Have a cow.

I can’t believe this is my first pitting–and such a lame one too.

Serves you right you bastard! :wink:


Matt Damon!

No one has given you props for this line yet, since they’re too busy getting their undies in bunches, so I’ll just say this is really funny.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn if that isn’t the funniest reference in this thread.

P.S. What the fuck is a Snow Patrol?

They’re a really good band.

Jesus, thank you. I fucking hate that.

I especially hate the extreme cases where people just use it as a weird way to start a conversation. “Am I the only one who likes the Simpsons?”, “Am I the only one who’s read The HHGTTG?”

Thank god for Google and AcronymFinder or I would have been beating my head against these monitors for the rest of the night. I’ve read 'em (well, only the trilogy, not the trilogy++), but haven’t discussed them at any length and couldn’t figure out what the heck that stood for. Not that I’ll be starting a pit thread about it any time soon… :wink:

Am I the only one who realizes how lame this rant is?

I friggen hope not, with so much ignorance in the world, can’t this topic be saved for last?

Crud. And I thought this thread was going to be about the righteous indignation that
I see every now and again in GD and TBBQP.
You know:

“OMGWTFBBQLOLROFL!!!1111 one one one, 50 billion people died because Bushco/Clinton/Ho Chi Min/Hitler/Aliens
did nothing/something/fell asleep/looked at someone funny and NO ONE HERE MENTIONS IT!!!1111 one one one Just
goes to show you how Liberal/Conservative/Pinko/Fascist/Alien Fried this board really is!!!1111 one one”

I hate that shit.

I hate that more than Nothing Doing Pinko Ho Chi Min Alien Fried pie.

Insert SDMB inside joke right here

I frying your alien! :smiley: