I can't believe TNT cancelled "Wanted" &

produced a piece of crap " Saved". The show is BOring and pretty much a juiced up " Third Watch" Jeeze!

I never watched Wanted, but as an EMT, I was looking forward to Saved. I hate the name, though - it made it sound like a show about born-again evangelists, IMO. :wink:

I was not impressed. I wouldn’t call it a juiced up Third Watch. I’d call it a watered-down Third Watch with a lame rock soundtrack. Boring and predictable. Lots of little nit-picky “That’s not right!” moments. I didn’t care for the odd little flashback thingys of each patient as they roll up.
I’ll give it a few more tries, but only because it’s summertime.

Shit, I’m still pissed they cancelled “Babylon 5: Crusade” …