I can't decide if this is funny or if I'm just a sicko.

I just read this at the Darwin Awards site and I was laughing so hard that I think I pulled a muscle in my side.

I actually had tears going down my cheeks while reading this. However, it’s actually a sad and pretty horrifying story. What does this say about my sense of humor, I wonder? I mean poor guy, yeah, but he was trying to commit suicide with a nail gun for crying out loud!

That’s technology for you,Air.When I was young anyone wanted to commit suicide had to use a hammer.

I don’t think it’s funny at all. Strange and infathomable how he could do that multiple times, but not funny.

The poor guy must have been in so much pain and shock he was beyond rational thinking. I read this and wondered–why didn’t he go for help?

Very sad.:frowning:

That’s kinda funny. When I read the article a couple of weeks ago, I wondered why he didn’t just nail his hand back on his arm.

I guess he hasn’t discovered the wonders of duct tape.

I feel like a bad person too now… thank you…

:slight_smile: at least it ended well.


Spoken like a true 'andyman.

Incidentally, it’s freaking hard to accidentally cut your hand off with a mitre saw, at least any mitre saw that was built in the past 20 or 30 years. A finger or two, yes, but a hand? You really have to be working impaired (drunk or incredibly tired) to manage that.

Sometimes sick stuff is funny. I feel for this guy though. He must have just been insane with pain.

It is funny and you are a sicko. :slight_smile:

This, on the other hand,

I like.

I was hoping I wasn’t the only one Dodgy! :wink:

That’s kind of what I figured.

I first read this on CNN or USA Today, I forget which, and I found it pretty amusing. What made it hilarious to me was that he had said that he stopped shooting the nails into his head because by the time he’d put the 12th nail in, it was starting to hurt too much to do it anymore. The story itself wasn’t much more than amusing, but the visual image I had of the whole thing was a riot! So if you are sick Airbeck, I’m going to the funny house right along with you.

Yeah, that’s the thing. I know that it is a horrible story, but the visual I get from it is just too much. It’s kind of like the guy from The Breakfast Club thinking about attemting suicide with a flare gun. Suicide = serious. Flare gun = funny.

The story I read on this said that he shot himself with the nailgun to try to kill the pain of the severed hand rather than because he was trying to kill himself. I’d find it funny if it weren’t true.