I can't find "Changeable Silly Putty" and it's driving me nuts!

I saw on http://www.sillyputty.com they now make “Changeable Silly Putty”, which is Silly Putty that changes color from the heat of your hand.

Cool, I think, I’ll just go pick some up.

WRONG. I’ve been to like seven stores that either sell toys or have toy departments, and no luck. Even the ones that are explicitly mentioned on http://www.sillyputty.com like TOYS 'R US don’t have any. They don’t have even “classic” SP, let alone Changeable Silly Putty.


Even on http://www.sillyputty.com they link to http://www.crayola.com, which sells SP online. But guess what? No Changeable Silly Putty. And http://www.toysrus.com (which was absorbed by amazon.com) doesn’t have the changeable either.

DAMMIT! Now I’m obsessed with the crap.

I only have alian putty… :slight_smile:

I had some of that stuff 4 years ago… it was red and turned yellow. That is until I lent it to my friend who returned it a terrible shade of brown, which turned orange.

I told him to keep it. Ugh.

Have you tried ** http://www.grainger.com **? They have all sorts of specialized, heavy duty, industrial strength equipment. :wink:

Maybe you couldcheck a place like K-Mart or Ames or somewhere? A lot of times, some of the older chains have older items in stock, and they don’t change it out as frequently. That’s the way it is here, anyways. Maybe we just have lazy employees though :slight_smile:

I went to two different KMarts, with no luck.

I did find that http://www.artsuppliesonline.com/ has it, so my last resort will be to order it from them.