I can't go to the bank.

My dad was in the FAA and I’ve always had my bank accounts at the FAA Credit Union. Guess what? As part of the general overreaction of our govenrment (which means the terrorists have won), only current FAA employees may go into the FAA Credit Union. Those of us who are “legacies” can’t get to our own bank.

I called to complain and to tell them that if they don’t allow members to have access to their own bank, that I’d take my six digits and find another bank.

6 digits? Johnny, how YOU doin’? You do know that they don’t count the number after the decimal point, right? :smiley:
Raise all hell, when all else fails, throw a temper tantrum on the floor of the bank, banging your fists and feet on the floor and screaming like a cow on fire.

Wha…??? That’s just wrong, man! You have a freakin’ account and they won’t let you in. That makes so little sense.

Gosh, Merc. You’re too young and also the wrong gender! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! I can’t get to the bank! The offices are all on FAA property, and the FAA is not allowing anyone on the grounds who is not a current employee of the FAA.

Wow! They can actually do that? Everyday I get amazed by something that I never thought would be legal. Sigh, I am so naive.

For the record, if my bank did that, I would take my …well, we won’t mention how many digits… else where, without giving them a chance to fix it. After all, they do it once, what is to keep them from doing it again?

They’ll probably calm down after a while.

NSA did this to me after the Beirut truck bombing. It was about 3 weeks, IIRC, before they had the barricades up and the other stuff necessary to allow them to open back up to us non-spooks with a clean conscience. And the staff was all smiles and apologies; even the new guard was pretty cool.

Don’t abandon a good credit union lightly! Even with a large balance, banks are liking retail deposits less and less in most parts of the country. The fees and stuff will make you blanch.

Isn’t there some FDIC regulation that requires banks to give customers access to their money? I’d call the FDIC, they’ll put an end to this stupidity, pronto. My dad was a bank president and the only thing that could put the fear of god into him was the FDIC.


a) I think the old insurer of Credit Unions was in fact absorbed into FDIC at some point, but they might still have different rules for the CU’s, which after all are defined by their exclusivity to affinity groups, and

b) He doubtless has access to his money (ATM’s, a letter could close out the account, etc.), he just doesn’t have decent access to his money.

Believe me, it sucks – I’ve been there. It sucked for me, and I didn’t even have any money at the time.

Oh yeah, you’re right… It’s the NCUA for credit unions. Their rules are pretty similar to FDIC, AFAIK. ISTR some language about “free and unfettered access” so I’d still call the NCUA. And if JohnnyLA has over 6 figures in one place, he better start spreading it around to other banks/CUs. The NCUA will only guarantee $100k.

I work at a Credit Union – one of the largest in the country. SO: Chaz is right about the NCUA. As for the access question, do they have web access? An automated phone service? What off-site access do they offer?

Our credit union has all the above, as well as various satellite offices in some grocery stores in the area. This is because a good portion of our membership actually doesn’t live in our area, but out of state.

I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but call your local office and ask about their offsite options. They should have SOMETHING more than ATM’s available.

caircair: I have access via ATMs, and I can go to Washington Mutual, they told me, to get up to $1,000 cash advance on my visa. But for deposits I have to use mail. I don’t know what I’d have to do to if I needed a cashier’s cheque.