I can't load ESPN.com from home

For those of you who may or may not know, ESPN.com just redid their site and added some sort of lame video thingie on the main page that you can’t turn off.

Anyway, ever since they did that, I have been unable to access their site from my home computer. The browser (IE 6) just times out. I can access it from work, however, using whatever browser comes on Windows XP just fine.

So what gives? I think that the new AV crap is making me unable to access the site. Am I correct in my suspicions? If not, what’s going on? And if so, how can I access the site?

You may want to try downloading the latest Flash player on your home PC. It’s possible the one you have is corrupted.

Also, are you using any web filtering software? Some programs tend to interfere with the way complicated pages load.

No, no web filtering software that I know of. But if my flash player was corrupted, wouldn’t it just not show me the flash section of the main page, rather than timing out the connection?

It’s hard to say. I think replacing the player is worth a shot though.

I agree that whatever stupid thing they’ve added was completely unneccessary. I haven’t had any problems getting to the site though. When I get to the site it says I must pass a systems check. The things it lists are:

-Windows 98 or greater
-Internet Explorer 5 or better
-Windows Media Player 7 or greater (this is the one of four I don’t have.)
-Flash 5 or greater

This new “ESPN Motion” is right up there on the obnoxiousness scale with the pop-ups the site has come up.

Oh man I couldn’t disagree with you guys more. I love the new feature, it’s like sportscenter on your desktop. I get all the top stories in extremely good quality video without loading or streaming. That kicks ass.

Hey, Number, good call in the new Flash player. I installed the new version and now I can access the site. Bravo.

As for the ESPN Motion thing - it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I don’t want it on the front page. Especially with sound automatically coming on. They should have a seperate link to it and no sound until you activate it. It’s a bit too gimmicky for me, anyway.