I can't look at 13 year olds no more...woah is me

I found out I might have a daughter that age that I didn’t know about until a few days ago. Now I feel weird when I see the prostitots hanging out on my street.

Whats a 33 year old man to do?

Not yet ready to be daddy

… You JUST NOW found out that you have a 13 year old daughter?

And there are 13 year oldprostitutes where you live?

M8B, could be someone he had a fling with who had to move someplace far off and had no way to contact him. No need to cast the guy in a villainous role yet;)

Wasn’t!!! I just wanted to get the facts straight… As a girl who hasn’t met her real dad, I think I kinda sympathize.

And I think its sad that there are girls that young on the street.

To the thread title, I had the self same thought.


Would I be out of line if I suggested to take the OP’s words with a grain of salt? This other thread of his seems very odd. If I’m too skeptical: I apologize, but please explain yourself further because what you’re saying now doesn’t make much sense.

Look on the bright side: at least fourteen-year-old girls are still in range :rolleyes:.

Well, I have to agree with Tusculan… I thought from your title that you liked looking at 13 year old girls.

But I’l give you the benifit of the doubt and let you off with a mild reproving for not giving a bit of background and your horible misuse of sarcasm. We should be able to know when you’re being sarcastic, dearie.

And I HOPE you don’t like looking at 13 year old girls… I’m 15, so I might take that personally.

I had thought that the implication was something on the order of “I must now stop” or “it grosses me out now” or something like that. Indicating, as others have posited, that this is a marked change from what had been the status quo until the aforementioned discovery.

[sub]Gotta learn to stop using such big words in these threads.[/sub]

This fall on FOX!

I think the prostitutes he feels bad for are NOT 13, but rather he once had a prostitute who eventually bore a child (apparently from him), and now feels bad for those other ones, as that may happen to htem as well.


So, are you saying that you have to avert your eyes from 13 year olds when you see them now? Why? What goes through your mind, at 33 years old, when you look at a minor that is 5 years below the legal voting age?

Also, just out of curiosity, do you have to quit looking at all 13 years olds, or just girls, or just boys? To level the playing field, tell me… Do you have wicked thoughts looking at underage boy flesh as well as underage girl flesh?


oh boy! this is not a good thread to wake up to right now.
I am not a pervert if thats the meaning you got from my ramblings, just can’t look at the little girls now knowing I got one of my own now.

…besides, i’m from Canada.

Look, this isn’t worth starting a Pit thread over, but I’d take with a big heaping helping of salt anything intrawebman says. He posts bizarre OPs, responds to questions and comments from other posters in equally bizarre and often nonsensical ways, and he seems to start weird threads just to see the titles pop up on the page. Go read his thread in the Pit. (linked above) I think he’s just another random lunatic who’s been sucked into our orbit.

intarweb man, was this daughter conceived in a drug or alcohol fuelled black-out perhaps?

Was this OP conceived in another one?

One of these things is not like the other.
One of these things is not the same.

Define pervert. I’m sure your definition and mine aren’t the same.