I can't remember...

[li]The number of feet in a mile.[/li][li]Whether the door key for the passenger side of my car turns right or left.[/li][li]The name of my State Representative.[/li][li]The Reds record this season.[/li][li]How many kilograms I weigh.[/li][li]Most of my relatives’ phone numbers.[/li][li]How to spell village and restaurant.[/li][li]Who Michael Dukakis’ running mate was.[/li][li]The Dewey Decimal number for Catholicism.[/li][li]99% of the dirty jokes I’ve ever been told.[/li][li]What the “b” in “bhp” stands for.[/li][li]Whether my girlfriend’s birthday is in April or May.[/li][li]What key Cheap Trick’s “surrender” is supposed to be in.[/li][li]The IP number of my web hosting account.[/li][li]Which Kennedy spawned which Kennedy.[/li][li]Whether Justin Timberlake is in the Backstreet Boys or N*Sync, and whether he’s dating Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.[/li][li]How to spell “Britney” and “Aguilera.”[/li][li]The rule on apostrophes for plural words.[/li][li]What the other stuff I can’t remember is.[/li][/ul]

  1. A bunch
  2. Nobody does. Everyone turns it the wrong way first.
  3. You’ll know during voting time cuz he’ll be your best friend.
  4. It’s the Reds… who cares?
  5. I use pounds. I’m metrically challenged.
  6. As long as you know your own, you’ll be okay.
  7. Make sure you only eat at city diners.
  8. Someone less impressive than he was, if possible.
  9. Full time ones have blue dots. The Sunday catholics have red ones.
  10. Most aren’t worth remembering. Don’t sweat it.
  11. What’s bhp?
  12. Play it safe. Buy her something in March.
  13. Cheap Trick plays in keys?
  14. Use the automatic selection.
  15. They all look alike anyway.
  16. There’s a difference between the two? There’s a difference between the two?
  17. Neither can either one of them.
  18. When in doubt, spell it out
  19. If you forgot it, it’s not worth remembering anyway.

Originally posted by black455 *
[li]Who Michael Dukakis’ running mate was.[/ul]
Lloyd Bentsen.
**[ul][li]Whether Justin Timberlake is in the Backstreet Boys or N
Sync, and whether he’s dating Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.[/ul]**[/li]
N’Sync; Spears.

**[ul][li]The rule on apostrophes for plural words.[/li][/ul] **

Plural words do not take apostrophes ever.

A random sampling of 43 Charles’ opinions might indicate otherwise.

The Smiths are back in town.
They have a trailer.
That is the Smiths’ trailer.
(That’s the way the nuns said to do it in parochial school.)

Wow. Chas.E’s post was sitting right there and I didn’t see it. I thought I was to the bottom of the page, but I guess not. Didn’t mean to jump on you Rilchiam redundantly.

black455 about not remembering your girlfriend’s birthday… you do live dangerously don’t you? Maybe you should keep an Emergency Back-up Card and Gift in your sock drawer.

Hey! Keep it down. Women read this board too. Are you trying to give away all our secrets? Next you’ll be telling them the real reason we leave the seat up. Sheesh.