I can't wait for the next e-mail! (Craigslist scam)

So, Friday afternoon, we were refreshing our rental ads on Craigslist, and the receptionist noticed this too-good-to-be-true house rental and sent it to me. The first two paragraphs come from a typical market listing for a pretty nice house, the last… well. You know.

Of course, I immediately sent off an email enquiry with my use-for-dodgy-stuff email address. So far, the correspondence between us has been fairly amusing, though likely pretty typical.

No one, I repeat, no one, is going to rent that kind of house in Victoria, furnished, utilities included, for $1150.00. Maybe they would have done much better to advertise it at a higher rate. I wonder how well the scam is working? The same house description appears on Craigslist (often removed pretty quickly) and other like sites all over North America, and also Paris and Madrid.

I finally got an address for this supposed listing, and thanks to maps.live.com can confirm my “concerns”. (I shouldn’t pass along the information that one can generally view addresses pretty well with such sites–I don’t want to give the scammers more information or tools. I may have slipped up there, though, alas). It sure took a lot to get an address out of them, and they still haven’t provided the supposed attached pictures of the interior.

I know it’s wrong to play along, but I couldn’t resist. They will likely tire of me by the end of today. I am bummed that I think I gave away the notion of viewing the property on a satellite map, though. :frowning:

Looking at my own residence it’s obvious that the images are several years out of date. The redwoods and massive oaks undoubtedly grew in since the pictures you’ve seen were taken.

And don’t worry about it, I doubt that we have many of that sort of scammer frequenting SDMB.

The same scam is going on in England,residential properties in the nicer parts of London are being advertised for low rents.
Apparently the scammers ask for a deposit and a months rent in advance and then are never heard of again once the moneys been transferred.