I chalkboard!

Thanks to the advice and support I got in this thread, we painted half our van with chalkboard paint. For all our trepidation of how it would come out (really? A paint roller on a vehicle?!), it’s surprisingly good looking. Without chalk, it simply looks like basic primer. The thickness and texture of the paint helps a lot too; the matte finish leaves it almost imperfection-less.

We just took her to our first festival of the season(Delfest), and it was a great success. People started stopping by within an hour or so of leaving it in the morning, and then started asking what the next day’s theme would be (everything easily came off in fifteen minutes).

Just took it to the Devilling’s preschool and had them doodle all over the side; when guests arrive next we’ll have it out as a welcome … we keep thinking of new uses!

That’s a terrific idea. Watch out, food trucks will pick up on this.

That totally fucking rocks! If it was me, I’d foresee huge colored chalk bills in my future but ddamn! it’d be great to have a new paint job anytime I wanted!

Haha, someone wrote boner on your car!

Also, did you catch that it says Smoke/Wake & Bake in one of those pictures.

That’s pretty damn cool! Some of those people are drawing on the wrong side of the van!
Your van kinda looks like a rolling advertisement for TGI Fridays or somersetting. :slight_smile:

I love it!

That’s awesome. Vey cool. Like. :slight_smile:

We were lucky–on our first trip to Target after painting they had 48-count boxes of Crayola chalk on sale for $4.50. The whole weekend–three days of heavy coverage–went through less than half the box.

It was funny how few/many people wrote dick pics and the like. We figured it would happen and are cool with it, but it’s a totally different circus/monkey; we just don’t get it. The few that stood out we casually erased (amazing numbers of kids at music fests and we wanted it to be as friendly as possible), and a few more got overwritten by others. But really? But it’s all in good fun, and if that’s their idea of fun, let them have it.

When I first saw the chalk moving to the other sides of the van I kind of panicked a bit. But it came off as easily as the painted side–if not a little more so, given the smooth surface. Even still, we were thinking of doing the whole thing in chalkboard paint and this tips the scales. Now we just need to find the next free weekend.

It’ll also be fun seeing how different fests turn out. They draw slightly different crowds, so maybe the art will differ too.

A friend painted parts of his pickup with Tremclad, using a broom. Never heard the end of it from me.

Very like.