I chase that burrito dragon...

This is a spin-off from the Panda Express poll/thread.

The title of this thread is a quote from WhyNot. I, too, chase that dragon. What is the deal with Chipotle? I order the same thing maybe 3 times a week for lunch, and it is always good. But every 10th burrito or so, for some reason, it is the best thing I’ve ever eaten and I can inhale it in like 5 minutes. And I’ve even considered going back for another one.

What the hell is going on? Did they spill too much crack juice in the rice those days? The hope for that magical 10th burrito is what keeps me going back 3 times a week. Is this Chipotle’s evil scheme? Am I in the clutches of Big Burrito? Anyone else notice this?

I mean really, what the hell, Chiptole?

Oh, thank goodness it isn’t just me! Yes, yes, yes, exactly that! What is it, and why isn’t it always like that?! I’d pay double for a burrito that is consistently as good as the burrito dragon.

I would absolutely pay double as well. Chipotle, are you listening! Can they hear us?

I would imagine that right now, they’re doing absolutely everything they can to get customers back into the place…

Sadly, even before the big news of this winter, I had stopped eating there because I’m on a low-carb diet, and a burrito with rice & beans is, like, three days worth of food.

Dragon burritos have been a thing since the very dawn of Chipotle. Maybe salmonella and e coli are super tasty?

Eating burrito right now…sadly NOT a dragon burrito.

I have eaten at Chipotle before they were bought by MacDonald’s, while they were owned by MacDonald’s and after they were sold by MacDonald’s and I have never, not once, thought their food was worth the money or the trouble.

ETA: Tacqueria Santa Cruz is where it’s at!

Great googly moogly, if you have access to California Mexican food, why in God’s name would you go to a Chipotle?

NYC Mexican is still fourth-rate compared to Cali or the Southwest or Chicago, and even here I make a point of going to the indie joints for my fix.

Maybe if I was in Maine or Minnesota or someplace like that…but no place that has actual Mexicans in it.

If I had never stumbled onto a mythical Dragon Burrito at Chiptole, I’d have mostly agreed with you. Regular burritos are decent enough, especially when there is a Chipotle right next to work.

I don’t really eat at Chipotle, but the last time I did the guacamole was too cold. I prefer to have my avocado at room temperature.

It’s right next to work. And also, the possibility of a Magic Burrito of Lust.

I was actually *excited *over the news of the whole ecoli / norovirus/ cootie thing because I thought it would mean I would not have to wait in a long ass line for my precious. Shyeah, right! Never slowed bidness around these parts. No one in my office would eat it, and actually only few because of the controversy. One guy said he didn’t need to risk it because - get this - his wife is Hispanic so he can get that kind of food any time. Dude; you don’t even know.

Have you been to Taqueria Los Pericos in Santa Cruz? On Water? It is between Steve’s Trading Post and Sylvan Music, shops catering to either end of the guitar spectrum.

Man, I love Los Pericos tacos…http://taquerialospericossantacruz.com

As for chasing the burrito dragon - oh yeah. When one has the right avocado and they feature a nice habanero sauce…yay.

I have not; do they use lard in their beans and tortillas?

I honestly don’t know, but they taste great!

That probably means “yes” then.

No, the fact that they tout their food as “authentic” and “traditional” is the tipoff; thinking that the absence of animal fat means the food wouldn’t taste great is idiotic and/or ignorant.

Tacquiera Santa Cruz does not use lard, WordMan, thus they get my (vegetarian) business.

What I don’t get is people who are on the one hand saying that XXXX isn’t “authentic [insert ethnicity] food”, and on the other saying they’d rather go to their local authentic [insert ethnicity] food joint. You might as well say Chipotle isn’t real authentic Mexican, so you’re going to get fondue.

A) Chipotle isn’t *not *Mexicanish. It’s got beans, rice, cilantro, dead cows, pico/salsa… all the components of foods I’ve enjoyed in Mexico. The gigantic rolled in a flour tortilla presentation isn’t common to Mexico, but if I deconstructed it and served it with warm corn tortillas, it would pass a real Mexican food in places I’ve eaten in Mexico.

But even more, B) If it’s not Authentic Mexican Food, then why would I go to an Authentic Mexican Restaurant when I want Chipotle? They won’t have what I want.

When I want real tacos with lengue and cilantro and white onions, I go to a taqueria. When I want Chipotle, I go to Chipotle.

Habla, hermana! It just has that certain . . . *Chapotleness *.

Although I can see how you inferred that I meant that, I can assure you I did not say nor imply that vegetarian food is bad. All I meant is that lard makes tortillas yummier than other alternatives.