I cost McCain a vote today

There’s a loud, opinionated Nebraska boy here at work that has been foaming at the mouth lately about Obama. Over the past couple of months I’ve been pointing out that his personal beliefs don’t really match the New Republican Party all that much, but oddly enough they’re nearly identical to one of the 3rd party platforms.

Mr Nebraska has joined me in insulting both major party candidates and proudly announced today that he voted Bob Barr. I’m laughing a little because -

  1. Libertarian he ain’t. Constitution Party maybe.
  2. The guy is nearly 40 and he’s acting like a college kid that just discovered politics
  3. There is no #3
  4. Palin is far more in line with his way of thinking and while McCain is just barely conservative, she seems to make up for it.

(as an aside, to anyone who has been so bored they’ve actually read some of my posts, I’m primarily conservative around liberals and fairly liberal around conservatives. I really do disagree with both of them enough to play both sides. No I’m not a troll, but what’s the point in bashing republicans around here?)

Ok, wait – did you cAst a vote for McCain, or cOst him a vote?

Where I’m from (eastern Colorado) that’s a redundancy of the first degree. Our only question about Nebraska is how the hell they managed to elect Chuck Hagel to the Senate.

A previous straight party line voting Republican (“republican party line voter”?) voted for Bob Barr instead of McCain because of me. Cost McCain a vote. Lost McCain a vote. Dude didn’t vote McCain.