I could use recommendations on daily 'people tracker' software.

At work, I’ve got 60 people. I have a small handful of guys on a team that update a spreadsheet indicating where everyone is on a whole-day basis, i.e. they’re on “business trip”, “vacation”, “deployed”, “training”, or at “Area 52”. It’s a full-day tracker. We’re using a shared MS Outlook calendar for the daily (hourly) appointments.

My problem is that the spreadsheet is fairly cumbersome to use, and when I want to draw meaningful data from the thing (i.e. how many people were in the shop vs. how many people were at Area 52 for any given length of time), I have to sit and hand enter categories into the spreadsheet–long and tedious.

I’m fairly convinced there is other, popular software out there that can manage and display the day-to-day scheduling of people. Can any of y’all recommend me some?

Today: here. At home. At computer.

While we’re at it, how about software to include people’s regular work hours, and rotating days off. Some of my team-mates work 7-3, some 9-6, etc. And some folks are off every other Monday, etc. When someone on my team asks “Where’s Typo?” it would be nice if there were one easy place to get an answer.