I couldn't care less about football or small towns in Texas, but...

… Friday Night Lights is an amazing show. The acting is excellent all around, the writing is great, and the cinematography and camerawork are unique and create an ambience that isn’t seen anywhere else.

I started watching watching it about a month ago, with some reluctance at first because the subject matter didn’t interest me at all, but before long I was completely hooked and I’ve watched the first three seasons.

It’s a portrayal of the culture surrounding high school football in a small town in Texas, and it definitely doesn’t glorify this culture. It’s actually a very balanced portrayal.

I would highly recommend this show, even to someone who hates football. Don’t start watching the current season though, start from episode 1.

I like the show too. I think Tammy and Eric have the best, most realistic marriage on TV since Dan and Roseanne Connor. Matt Saracen and his grandma break my heart. I think Buddy (the booster/car salesman) is my favorite character – he’s really well written.

The only character I don’t like is Lyla – the actress has no range. I’m glad she hasn’t been around much this season.

Hey I started watching FNL a month ago too! I thought it was a teenage soap opera type show. Boy was I wrong and now it’s my favorite drama.

Season 1 is my favorite, season 2 is…odd probably because of the writers strike and some studio exec wanting “OMG more DRAMA!” (ie the Landry,Tyra story line), season 3 is very solid (I actually like the large time skip between 2 & 3) and Season 4 is shaping up very well, almost back to the quality of season 1.

And Lyla’s a hotty so I approve of her acting. :smiley:

I suppooooose. :wink: Riggins isn’t hard on the eyes either.

I like the casting of Jesse Plemons as Landry. He’s an average looking guy --sometimes his skin even acts up. How often do you see a teenager on TV with skin bumps? I didn’t care for that S2 story line either, but they managed to resolve it okay.

It’s nice seeing Wallace from The Wire again.

I’m a high school teacher in a small town in Texas and I have been heavily involved in the whole Friday night scene for years. Our football team once (in the playoffs) even played in the stadium in Odessa that was featured in the movie. So I was interested in watching the series when it started, but the problem was that it aired on… Friday nights! Seemed like such a stupid decision to air a show about high school football on the same night that high school football fans wouldn’t be home.

I did eventually watch a couple of episodes, but they seemed VERY “soap opera” to me, and I’ve heard that the show purposely appeals more to women than to men. Is that still the case?

I don’t see it as romantic soapy, except for maybe the first season, with the Lyla-Riggins-Street triangle. And there hasn’t been any really contrived drama, except for the Tyra-Landry miscue in S2.

I can see guys liking it. The women are hot and there’s football. :slight_smile:

I love it for Eric and Tammy’s relationship. Marriage counselors could use some of their scenes in therapy sessions. This is how to resolve a conflict.

Agreed about Tammy and Eric. They’re lots of fun to watch. Buddy is a very interesting character. I couldn’t stand him for most of the first season, but my opinion really changed in the second season.

I didn’t like Lyla in the first or second season, but in the third both the character and the actress really improved.

There was definitely some meddling from NBC in season 2. You can kind of tell by the way season 3 ignores some parts of season 2, I think season 3 is a semi-reboot. The juvenile delinquent that Buddy takes in in season 2 is gone without a trace in the first episode of season 3, and there’s no reference to the Tyra/Landry events. The football was heavily de-emphasized in season 2, too much for me- I think seasons 1 and 3 strike the perfect balance between football and non-football stuff.

Season 2 is kind of rough, but is still good and has some great episodes. The Landry/Tyra storyline was kind of crazy but they ultimately handled it really well. I think seasons 1 and 3 are about equal in terms of quality, with season 3 possibly winning out because it didn’t have as many annoying storylines as season 1. I really didn’t like the milf-next-door part of season 1, and I think a lot of that has to do with how annoying that kid is.

Jesse Plemons did a great job with all the stuff that was thrown at him in the second season. He’s one of the best characters.

You really have to watch it from the beginning.
I can see why someone would think it’s reminiscent of a soap opera, but I think it’s pretty realistic. Real life can be very melodramatic.

The show definitely does not intentionally appeal more to women than men. They might have tried marketing it to women for awhile because the show has had low ratings from the outset (it probably didn’t help that they aired it on Friday nights, like you mentioned). I’m a guy and I love it.

The AV Club has done commentaries on each episode starting with Season 2, and the writer who does it, who is a man, absolutely praises it to the skies. It also gets a lot of love in the comments sections, and many of those people are males.

I like reading the AV Club recaps for each episode after I watch them, and for the other shows they do that I watch.

Oh yes, this is a terrific show.

The stupid S2 storyline about Landry/Tyra is somewhat redeemed because both Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki did such a fantastic job with awful material.

I have heard so many people say they admire Eric and Tammy’s relationship, and I feel like I am the only viewer who doesn’t like it – I don’t like the way it often breaks down into Women are like THIS and men are like THAT, I feel they are sticking too much with stereotypes about men and women, which I think is a little lazy and has a weird wink, wink tone. But again, I know I am a small minority on this, everyone else I talk to finds them very realistic and positive.

I am so glad they returned to the emphasis on football. A show about football should have, you know, football in it. And even while I say that, I agree that people don’t need to particularly like football or know much about it to enjoy FNL.

I can’t remember the last time I have shed a tear watching a TV entertainment program. However, my eyes got watery during some Matt Saracen scenes in the recent funeral episode.

That happens to me just about every episode. Of course, it’s embarrassing how much I tear up at movies or shows or books.