I cracked up in the bookstore today

You may find this offensive if you’re a religious person.

So I’m walking around trying to see if anything catches my eye. I walk by the religion section so I’m not paying much attention, but I saw the title of one. It was Christianity for Dummies. I laughed out loud for a bit, nobody else was around so I didn’t get any weird looks.

I would have probably done the same.

It’s like, what’s the alternative? :slight_smile:

You know what kills me at B&N every time? The section marked “Religious Fiction”. I can never resist cackling at it.

There are certain questions I shouldn’t answer at the reference desk. See, I work in a library that uses the Library of Congress Classification system(PDF). Where the subclass for the Bible is BS. So when someone comes in and wants to find a version of the bible I have to send them to the BS section.

I am laughing. And surprised someone hasn’t sued.

I …can’t. There’s just too, too much there to laugh at.

That’s too easy.

No, really, it is.

groan :rolleyes: :smiley:

I cracked up when I saw this on a bookstore shelf, but the Christianity one is good, too.

I work for a library system, and one day our Acquisitions head called me over. She had been unpacking a box of new books, and noticed that she had the following titles on her book truck in this order : Wine for Dummies, Sex for Dummies followed by Parenting for Dummies.

Was it next to Who Moved My Jesus? Or maybe The Porpoise Driven Life? :stuck_out_tongue:

I once picked up two side-by-side books, held one in each hand, and walked up to the cashier (who was on the phone). He looked at the book covers and started cracking up.
One was Whitley Streiber’s Communion, with that almond-eyed alien “grey” on the cover. The other was The collected Works of Truman Capote. The cover was a caricature of Capote, wearing opaque shades that made his eyes look just like that alien’s.

As mean as it is, I laughed at The GED for Dummies.

I saw this thread and thought “at least it’s not just me” :smiley: