I cut off the tip of my thumb - and now the plaster is *really* stuck

This Friday I was making tacos and cut off the tip of my thumb. Perhaps a square centimeter off. Chop! So it started to bleed like hell and I pressed a plaster over it and taped like a maniac. Whew! No fun but I survived.

But now the real problems begin: The plaster is stuck to the wound. Super stuck. I tried yesterday, and I tried today, soaking and groaning and pulling, but it is really really stuck, like superglued to the wound. And of course it hurts like hell and the whole thumb starts thumping and Wakinyan is going pale trying.

I guess I could muster some courage rip it off like you do with plasters over smaller cuts. But considering how hard it is stuck and the size of the “hole”, I’m not sure that would be a good idea; I’m quite certain it would rip the wound wide open again and perhaps even worse than before.

So… uhm, has anybody some tips? (No pun intended.) Except for the doctor of course, but god damnit, a man cannot go to the doctor with a plaster stuck to the thumb.

Yes, yes you can. But soaking is really the only solution. It will have to come off some how. I don’t suggest ripping. Try very warm soak and Hydrogen peroxide soak.

Is there a reason you want to take it off? Does the wound look infected? Did you use “Hello Kitty” plasters? Is it oozing? Did you do it up too tight?

Absent a compelling reason to take it off, and given your description, I would suggest you leave it in place.

OOOOHHH I did that years ago to my index finger, good possibility of an exposed nerve ending there, thats why it hurts so much.
I did it at work, so was taken to a clinic for treatment. Cryogenic cauterizing the end of my finger hurt LIKE HELL
soak, soak soak soak and then soak some more, its the only way, you don’t want to pull on that sucker at all

Son-of-a-wrek had his middle finger tip cut off at work. More like crushed off. He ended up with corrective surgeries(plural) and 8 mos. Off work and physical therapy. It was a real mess. Go to the doctor.

Short of having your you-know-whosits being stuck in a beer bottle, you don’t have a lot of reasons to be ashamed to see a doctor. I advise that you go see a doctor.

Did that with a filet knife in the BWCA about 20 years ago. Not fun. Probably about half a square centimeter in my case. BWCA is a wilderness, so I wasn’t anywhere near a doctor or clean water for several days. Had to keep paddling the canoe with that hand. I lived, no issues, the scar faded over time.

Yea, I walked 3 miles, uphill in the snow, barefoot to school in the olden days. But I put shoes on my kids before I drove them to school. Things is different now. Go to the Doctor!

Yes, my wife suggest a long warm bath just a minute ago. I don’t know about hydrogen peroxide, though. Does not seem to be common in my part of the world (Scandinavia) for other things than heavy torpedoes (!). I will go down the soaking way if there is no better alternative, like…

Exactly, Sunny Daze. Can’t I just leave it as it is? Why mess with the poor thumb, it hates me already and the wound seems alright. There’s no pur, redness or irritatation, and certainly no oozing. Can’t we just leave it to the thumb to heal and eventually remove the plaster when there’s no open wound under it? That’s what I’m thinking/hoping. (I know dopers are not doctors, I’m just discussing a taco chef’s opportunities.)

That is the wise thing, I know.

But did you have a Hello Kitty plaster super glued to the wound? And if so, what did you do?

Thanks all for your replies. :slight_smile:

Hydrogen peroxide (3% topical solution) has long been used as a home treatment for wounds here in the US, but these days it seems soap and water is preferred for cleaning wounds, with peroxide possibly even causing damage or delaying healing.

I did not cut the tip off, but I sliced into my thumb a few years ago with a box cutter and it was deep and bled like nothing I had ever done.

I did not want to go to the doc (it would have required multiple stiches). I wrapped it in a paper towel and then duct taped it. I left it on for a few hours and then it was adherred like you said. I had to soak it in warm water for a long time to finally be able to remove it.

Not sure how long you should let a blood soaked plaster stay on your hand. They usually suggest changing out bandages frequently, so I would go with the long soak and then hopefully it comes off and you can put a new one on. I suggest a Princess one.

I chopped the tip of a finger off, and, for some reason, instead of a plaster, I grabbed the bit of flesh I cut off and stuck it back on. Then went to the doc 'cos I was working at a cafe, so I needed to get it looking OK for work. They looked at me strangely, and asked why I did that, it wasn’t as though it would just stick back on or anything. But, it wouldn’t wash off, so they bandaged it up and told me to wait until it fell off again in a few days.

Guess what, it stayed on! Still feels weird, and it looks a bit odd, but it grafted back on fine.

Go see a doctor, if only so’s you can feel smug if they tell you something wrong.

Thanks, pulykamell. Yes, when googling about it it sounds like something popular in the 50s rather than the 2000s (not that it was what you said, and not to dismisse Bekdawreck’s kind suggestion; never heard about it here and the torpedo information on the Swedish wiki is a bit off putting.)

Yes I know, I know. That’s why I’m here. :frowning:

Love the horrific anecdotes about dopers cutting themselves. Keep them coming (as well as advices). :slight_smile:

Heh. I did exactly the same thing a couple months ago (early November). Sliced the top of my thumb and nail through with a utility knife trying to get some caulk open, and about a good 1 cm or so of my thumb was hanging precariously off the rest of my thumb. I did more-or-less what you did, much to the consternation of my wife who suggested I go to the ER, but everything worked out okay. I didn’t quite have the adherence problem, though. It hurt like a son of a bitch, but I did my best to cut the bandage off and replace it after about two days. I did change the bandage every day or two for about a week and a half or so and washed the wound out with soap and water in between changes.

It took about 6 weeks, but my thumb has fully healed. There’s still a very slight callus and odd nerve sensation at the very end of it, but that’s been dissipation over time, as well.

Some of us are disgusting little 5 year old boys at heart and wanna see pics of the icky ouchie!

Sigh, I wonder if they woulda done the same for me. That’s the only time I’ve been physically restrained for a medical procedure. Unfortunately, as soon as I cut myself, I swept the food I was preparing into the trash can, not realizing I’d swept a part of my finger tip in along with it.

Did you still eat the tacos?

There’s noone more interested in having a look than me, but I’m sorry this is all I got. And also, I can’t get it off of my thumb. :frowning:

Then you need to go to the doctor.

Yes, or course I did. It’s the polite thing to do when serving tacos, thumb or no thumb. Since you’re a gentleman I will tell you about the tacos.

I was making tacos, which involves chopping. We had guests, children’s friends mostly. So I was tired from work and so on and my youngest son wanted to make tacos with me, etc.

To be honest I just wanted to make dinner and go on with my business, but there was this seven year old and lots of knives and stuff. So you have to be careful. Chop! There went Wakinyan’s old tip.

And so I thought, that was not good. And I went to the bathroom because I expected blood. But there was no blood, just a tip less than it used to be.

Then it struck me: Where’s the tip (and shouldn’t there be blood)?

I went back to the kitchen for the tip. It was on the knife, right there by the onion. I threw it into the bin.

At that point it started to bleed. Bleed much.

I went back to the bathroom with the thumb. I had it under the water frantically grabbing things around me.

Eventually I got hold of a plaster. And then some tape.

So we had a nice taco dinner. I might have been somewhat pale and I ate my tacos with a fork. So yeah, I eat the tacos.

But the plaster is still there, like super glued to the wound. Any tips?