I.D. This Cover of "Going Underground"

Yesterday on the radio I heard a cover of The Jam’s song “Going Underground”. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with it.

The song was slowed down quite a bit. Not to the point where it was really slow, but it was slower. The guitars sounded pretty clean- it’s not like it was a shoegaze version or anything. It just sounded like a slightly slower than average pop song.

Here’s a page where you can listen to clips of different versions of the song. After listening to the clips, I’d guess that Buffalo Tom’s version best fits your description, but listen for yourself.

Hey, listening to clips at AMG is a good idea. Thanks!

I assume it’s the track from the rather weird album “Fire & Skill”, where different artists rendered their versions of Jam tunes?

Oh the humanity!

Major Jam fan here.

I gave the Buffalo Tom version a listen today, and I think that was the one.