"I deserve no sympathy!" Or, in what idiotic ways have you hurt yourself?

So today I was walking around campus and between the student union and the Computer Science (and geology I think) building there’s the bike/pedestrian path that passes by what I think is an art building. When I walk I can’t walk normally, I have to hop up on things and balance on curbs and whatnot. There’s a couple decorative concrete blocks with things like this on them near the art building, except prettier and larger. Now I climb on this thing all the time, but today the cosmos decided to laugh at me. While hopping from the first one to the second one (not a feat, they’re not even three feet apart) by left foot didn’t land right and slid on the edge. I quickly tried to gain my footing with my right foot but tripped on the decorative skateboard guards, or whatever they were. This made me fall forward and bang my shin on the guard and then slide down and scrape the rest of my lower left leg on it.

Stupid? Check. Painful? Check. Did I learn from it? Yeah… right, as soon as I can walk without limping again I’ll probably be doing it once more. In fact, on my way home I tried to jump up on a couple of my usual outcroppings only to remember I was limping and summarily fall on the attempt.

So in what stupid easily preventable ways have you managed to hurt yourself?

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