I despise bandwagon fans.

You know these assholes. The ones that showed up Monday morning following the Super Bowl wearing Broncos ballcaps and jerseys.
These fuckers don’t have the time nor the inclination to follow a team, but once one makes the playoffs they become Joe Yankee/Met/Red Sox/Indian!

I proudly wear Philly Eagles paraphenalia. I have done it since I was a kid. Likewise I support the Phils and Flyers.

And these fuckers have the nerve to tell me my team sucks!

I know the Eagles blow! But they’re still my fuckin’ team! Since I support them during their bad seasons, I believe, I’ve earned the right to rejoice when they make the post season.

If anyone deserves a swift kick in the 'nads, it these assholes.

Amen, Chief. I’m a Redskins fan. I was a fan when they went 14-2 and won the Super Bowl, and I was a fan last year when they lost their first 7 games… (Hell, if they could have found a way to lose the bye week, they would have.)

And man, I remember when the NFC east was the toughest conference in football… sigh

Being a fan is not only being there when the team is winnning. Wish I could make more people in DC realize that…

Bills fan here. Have been all my life. The only bandwagoning I’ve ever done is because I followed Randy Moss from Marshall (practically my entire family went to school there) to the Vikings, so now I like the Vikings, too. But I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been raised a Herd fan.

Bandwagon fans blow. The worst ones are the Cowboys and Raiders fans, most of whom wear the gear because it looks cool and not because they like the team all that well. I hope, anyway.

Falcon – The Eagles suck so badly they actually found a way to lose in the bye week. IIRC, they were shut out, averaged .3 yards a carry, had two interceptions returned for touchdowns, and their offensive line got the shit beat out of them by the Moonies in the airport. What’s sad is Jeffrey Lurie still thinks a new stadium will bring the fans back.

If a team is losing, then what are you a fan of? Their proximity to where you live? Obviously not of their playing ability.

If you were to start sucking at your job, do you expect your boss to give you raises, promotions, etc? Just because your cubicle is in the same city he lives in?

This is why I’m not a sports fan, bandwagon-type or otherwise. But the bandwagon-type fans at least are rewarding good performance.

Amen ChiefScott. As a lifelong Cubs fan I have no love for people who are now Cheeseheads, Spurs fans, Cowboy backers, etc. It takes a real fan to stick with a loser (that may be the worst rallying cry of all time.)

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I agree with every word you said, ChiefScott. I’ve been a fan of the Colts and the 49ers since the days Johnny Unitas and John Brodie were their respective quarterbacks.
Revtime, loyalty is a virtue to a certain extent. I’ve stayed a fan of the Colts because I’m still grateful for the thrill of watching them win Super Bowl IV. Also, I live only 1 1/2 hours drive from Indianapolis, so geographic proximity does play some minor factor.
I think I liked the 49ers because of their cool uniforms. Also, in the 1980s, as they were starting to make it big, my best friend and I became real rooters because we liked Joe Montana. After he and Dwight Clark hooked up for The Catch that beat fuckin’ Dallas, I was a fan for life – no hope of shaking that loyalty.
To some degree it is easier to root for a winner, but backing a loser gives you a special thrill, especially when your team knocks off a good team. I can still remember my best friend and I dancing around when a 4-12 Colts team upset Washington, and I remember being a drunken madman – yelling at the top of my lungs and pounding the floor – when a young Indiana University team upset high-and-might, No. 1-ranked, coached by Dean Smith North Carolina in the 1984 NCAA college basketball tournament. So many people in Indiana was so giddy after that win, it was like the state was stoned.
I don’t mind rooting for a loser, I guess; I even cheer for IU in football. The Hoosiers beat Northwestern 34-17 today as Levron Williams ran for a career-high 241 yards, and I was in Bloomington watching it.
Go Hoosiers!

Say, Mullinator, you’ll find that “cheeseheads” aren’t ones who are fans only when the team does well. They have stuck with the Packers through thick and thin, through all those years when they didn’t do so well. They are among the most loyal fans in the league. Oh, yeah, and they laugh a lot when they beat the Vikings. :wink:

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For the most part I don’t follow sports, but I have a tendancy to root for Ohio teams. So yes, I am rooting for th Indians, and I hope they go all the way. I also root for the Browns, never mind they have trouble finding the playing field, much less the football. And now that Schott is no longer Reds owner, I’ll start rooting for them…and I do call the Bungles that out of a sense of affection. :slight_smile:

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Ever since I was in junior high and high school (roughly 82-87), I have been an Indians fan. My mother and I would go to the Stadium 20 minutes before game time on weeknights and get lower box seats by third base, in a facility with seating for 70,000 people. I sat through stinker season after stinker season, loyally wearing my Indians cap.

Now, Jacobs Field is full of people who were nowhere to be seen during those seasons. It’s impossible to get tickets, and if you do, you pay through the nose. I hate those people. Eventually, the honeymoon will be over, and I’m sure those folks will all disappear. They don’t know from being a fan.

Not a sports fan, but:
GO VOLS, win or lose.

P.S. How 'bout them Lady Vols?
Now that’s a team to be proud of!

Chicago Bulls anyone? :slight_smile:
now look what happened…

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My motto on this subject:

“If you do not stick with your team in the bad times, you have no reason to celebrate the good times.”

After many years of bad Giants teams, we won the Superbowl in 1986. I was lucky to miss out on the years of putrid teams due to my age, but my dad was not.

At the end of the game, they showed a shot in the stands. A Giants fan had a sign, “Dad, out dreams have come true.”

It got me all teary-eyed and it did my Dad as well. Heck, I’m misting up right now thinking about it…

Or maybe it’s because we are so LOUSY now!

Oh well… There’s still the Yankees…

Yer pal,

One more thought:

Anyone who is wearing a Cowboys jersey, a Bulls hat and a Yankees wrist-bands should be hung by their bandwagoneering testicles!

I kinda thought Satan’d be a New Jersey Devils and Duke fan…

What next… season tickets to the Anaheim Angels?

You are right MaryAnnQ. My mistake for lumping cheeseheads in there. That’s a case of typing without fully thinking. How about we substitute Bulls “fans” for cheeseheads. That seems a little more along the bandwagon lines.

I got a lot of energy ready to be wasted on somebody - Mookie Wilson

It’s a deal! :slight_smile:

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!


Sure there are bandwagon Indians fans, but the main reason is the new stadium. Baltimore and Seattle are not winning a ton of games lately, but the new buildings attract marginal fans as much (if not more) than simple winning does.

New Orleans Saints, 'nuf said.

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Satan: IMHO, Jacobs Field is 5 years old now so the newness and novelty has worn off. The Indians success (excepting the last two nights’ playoff losses to Boston) has been the main reason for the continued big crowds. As soon as the Tribe starts losing the sellout crowds will stop coming just like the Toronto fans stopped selling out Skydome after the Blue Jays stopped winning.