I did a stupid thing (Computer/Quicktime help)

Apologies if I shouldn’t be asking this type of question…

Also apologies for my utter lack of computer knowledge.
Ok, I foolishly downloaded Quicktime 6 onto my computer (a PC), at which point it did somethingthat made all my .mp3 files only play through the Quicktime player. (They used to have a little Windows Media Player icon next to the file, now there’s a little Quicktime icon.) I don’t like the Quicktime, it refuses to play files that played perfectly well through Media Player… How do I get the files to go back to Media Player? I want to get rid of the Quicktime but I don’t want to lose the ability to listen to my mp3’s.

Of course, this probably has a really easy, obvious answer that I just can’t figure out …

Open Media Player; go to Tools --> Options. Click on the Formats tab and you should be presented with a list of file types; select MP3 and click OK.

START:H Input ‘file’

What OS? w98? try this:

To open a file or folder

On the desktop, double-click My Computer.
Double-click the drive that the item you want to open is on, and then double-click the file or folder.
If you want to open a file in a particular program, right-click the file, click Open With, and then select the name of the program.
If the file is on another computer, double-click My Network Places instead of My Computer.
You can use options on the View menu to change the way files appear in My Computer.

See! Something dumb and easy!
Thanks muchly, Quixotic.
Why yes, I do still think that computers are by tiny gnomes… sigh

Thanks to you too, handy.