I did it!!!

(No, I haven’t managed to mentally cause the painful death of Bob Barr…but there’s always tomorrow!)

Anyway, with all these “Happy Birthday” threads about, I want some congratulations for something I actually accomplished! I mean, when it’s your birthday, all you managed to do was stay alive, more or less, for another year–what’s so hard about that? (Don’t answer that–this is my congratulations thread!) A

nyway, as of today, August 10th, 2000, I have been married for a big, whole…three years! I know, I know, it’s not that long a time but if you knew how positively horrible I am to live with, you would be sending my husband sympathy cards! Wait, I guess the congratulations go to my hubby then, don’t they?

Damn! I never get any congratulations threads!
::grumble, grumble::

no no u deserve some congratulations, we have to let the menfolk know that we aren’t exactly pushovers right? hehehe CONGRATS on being married for 3 years! =)


Congrats EvilBeth! Marriage is a hard thing to have to work at, and you seem to be doing great! :slight_smile:


P.S.-- Just a little “Happy Birthday, Sam” will do fine :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Evilbeth. Why don’t you step into my office over here, and we can talk about you getting an anniversary present for you and your husband? :smiley:

evilbeth, congratulations!! You folks plan on doing anything special to celebrate?

Um, well, other than that. But that isn’t really any of my business… :o

Every year we go shopping to antique stores, book stores, etc. and each pick out a gift and then we go to dinner to the restaurant he almost proposed to me at!

That’s sweet! Good to hear there’s a bit o’ romance left in this world!

You go, girl! Wooohoooo!!!

You are hard to live with? Hell, I am a walking nightmare to live with :slight_smile: I 've decided that men are clearly insane to marry us women. It can’t be the sex that keeps men around, and they can’t love the nagging that much, so they are obviously off their rocker and a bag short of a few marbles.

I, naturally, am totally sane.

Oh wait, this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.

Happy three years.

Now go off and have sex like a couple of rabbits.

Congratulations, evilbeth! Happy 3 years!

I hope you two lovebirds enjoy your special day!!

Congratulations evilbeth,

I happened to be speaking with Mr. Evil just the other day and as he mentioned your upcoming anniversary he emphasized how difficult you could be to live with.

WIth a thoughtful expression he remarked, “but these have been three of the happiest months of my life”.

:: checking OP ::

Oh – you’ve been married three years!

Never mind.

:: exiting ::