I didn't sleep well last night

My dreams were troubled, and full of Tyranosaurs.

Sorry to hear that.

I slept well last night, but woke up tired anyway. I was tired all day, but now that it is part 11pm I am alert and ready to be productive.

I am way too nocturnal for my own good.

I didn’t either. But I think it was more because of the controlled detonations and F-16s and Medevac choppers taking off and landing than anything else.

Did they chase you through your dreams, in technicolor/surround sound, trying to eat you?

Well, no. It does seem like the helicoptors wait until I’m on shift to pounce, though.

If it helps at all, my husband woke up last night yelling that he was covered in lobsters.

At least they weren’t velociraptors.

I didn’t sleep well last night, either. I had a sort-of-interview meeting with an HR guy at a job I think I would very much like to be offered today. I almost never sleep well the night before an interview, phone interview, or interview-like thing.

I didn’t sleep well either. Woke up alot, and the random bits of dream I remember involved me trying to get to a doctor, but I don’t remember why, and wanting a glass of water all the taps were running brown water. Yuck!

When I was little I had a nightmare once that I was covered in ants. It was terrible. When I woke up I found myself covered in ants. That was really terrible.

With me it was the bears. Maybe only on bear, but it kept jumping on me–and we were in the house. What’s a bear doing in my house?

Ugh. I think if that happened to me, they’d hear the screams in Australia.

I have a fear of heights. Hate to be anywhere above the 5th floor.

I had a dream the other day that I was trying to leave a high-rise, from like the 10th floor. I get on the elevator, and before I can push “1” this drunk chick gets on and punches some other button … I look over and she’s pushed the button for the 155th FLOOR !!

My brain exploded at that point and I woke up pissed.


The people in the room next to mine started playing music at 4 AM. I subsequently slept in and missed my first class.

I hate being such a light sleeper.

Everyone in my house went to bed at 11 last night, but I wasn’t tired yet. So I watched a movie until 1:30 AM, then went to bed. And who should I see in my spot but my lovely snoring 70-pound labrador? I kind of pushed her out of the way, trying not to wake up my bedmate. Note: trying to move a big sleeping dog is not the easiest thing in the world to do. So we’re sort of both squashed together on the same side of the bed. Did I mention that my dog dreams just about every night? And that whenever she dreams, she kicks in her sleep?

Yeah, I didn’t sleep well either.

Speaking of not sleeping well, I currently have a prescription for Celexia (for anxiety) and Levitra (for boners :stuck_out_tongue: ).

The other night, while on the computer, I absentmindedly took the wrong bottle, removed 2 pills and took them without thinking. Later I discovered rather than taking 2 pills of Celexia like Im supposed to every night, I took 2 pills of Levitra. 2 of those pills is four times the dosage :eek:

I didn’t get one of those 4+ hour erections you’re supposed to call the doctor about (call the doctor? I’m calling everybody! :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I sure didn’t sleep well! In addition to having ‘withdrawl’ symptoms of not having the antidepressants, the levitra made my whole body (particularly my face) feel hot and sweaty. I was sweating buckets that night, but had no idea why until I realized my mistake later :smack:

Thanks. :rolleyes:

I now know what I’m dreaming about tonight.

I didn’t sleep well, either. Kept dreaming that I needed to use up the spaghetti sauce I had made earlier in the week. I’d wake up all disoriented, fall back asleep, and dream about the spaghetti sauce.

Except… I didn’t make any spaghetti sauce last week. Stoopit brain.

Can’t sleep! Clowns will eat me!