i disgust myself

i was cleaning out my fridge and i found some left-over stuffing from (ugh) thanksgiving. it’s much greener and fuzzier than i remember…


Well, I just hope you’ve learned your lesson:

Don’t ever, ever clean out your refrigerator!

My refrigerator died of an unfortunate stab wound about 5 months ago (it made the mistake of bringing ice to a knife fight). My lazy bastard roomy (to be fair I to am a lazy bastard) doesn’t do the dishes often (which he is supposed to since I cook) we have no way to save anything and it often sits for a week or two (thank god the kitchen had two sets of doors) once 3 pitchers of half empty Colorado Bulldogs (milk coke kahluah and vodka) sat on the cabinet and developed an interesting mold. My kitchen is only clean when I have girlfriends (no they don’t do the dishes I just clean up my act for the duration)

Clever Hans: Parenthetical Pro

When I lived in Minneapolis, I managed to accidentally breed some kind of mold/sludge thing that actually ate the porcelain of the sink.

I didn’t get my deposit back when I moved, needless to say…