I DO NOT need surgery. Yay.


I discussed my need to get the gallbladder jerked.
I saw the surgeon, & he said–“No, no you don’t.”
A General Surgeon, attached to a GI outfit.
So, yeah.
Big financial worry gone.
:slight_smile: :cool:

That’s great news! How are you feeling?


These darn antibiotics, from the Diverticulitis, are still working , for both good & bad, on me.

I always worry when people are as worried about the money as much as the medical condition, we have done medical insurance to death on these board - but when you are faced with significant financial issues from health conditions it sure comes home.

I was putting off shoulder surgery, but after three years of pain I thought I’d mention it to a physical therapist. “Nope, it’s just jammed. Here, stretch it over the back of this chair and let me pull it out for you.” Bingo!

So… Congrats! I know the feeling!