I don't care about the Olympics

Am I unique in having zero interest in the Olympics? I’m glad those athletes are having fun and doing what they enjoy, but I just am not interested in any aspect of the games. Luckily, it’s more or less restricted to one channel and only comes around once every 4 years.
And I don’t want to see Michael Phelps selling sandwiches every time I turn on the tube.
Just mho.

Me neither. I just don’t care, at all, and all of the kerfluffle alternately annoys me or doesn’t even show up on my radar. I notice it only because I can haz cheeseburger keeps making jokes about it.

Good for you. Unless you’re in North Korea, no one’s forcing you to watch them.

I hate this. We’re not hijacking another thread. We’re doing exactly what we’re supposed to do - discussing our total and complete disinterest in a thread of our own. Nobody said we were being forced to watch it, but man, people do go crazy over it.

I was at a bar with a friend yesterday and he made fun of me because I couldn’t have cared less about the women’s floor routines but got way too excited over the men’s horizontal bar. The takeaway here is that I care on a very very shallow level.

Yeah, good for me :rolleyes:

I was hoping to avoid them entirely again this year but some really good friends of mine are having an Olympics watching gathering at their place tomorrow so I’ll see some of it. I haven’t seen these friends in a while and that’s more important to me.

My level of caring is about 1/100th in proportion to TV air time. A lot of it is just boring. I guess that’s why God gave us DVRs. :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m more a fan of the Winter Olympics, for some reason. Love those downhill ski events.

I don’t care about them. I actually can’t wait until they’re over with. I do hope my country wins the most golds though.

The Olympics are on?

Okay, yes, I knew that.

We don’t have cable, and Mr. Lissar and I are only marginally aware of them. It’s not something we feel smug about- they just don’t cross our radar much.

I don’t really watch anything on TV, so I’m just continuing my normal viewing habits by avoiding the Olympics.

I had to check the date of the OP to make sure this wasn’t a zombie from 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004, 2002 or 2000.

Thankfully, it’s a totally new thread.

I don’t watch any broadcast sports. Can’t stand them – even ones that I participate in. I derive no enjoyment from it.

I don’t watch the Super Bowl. And I don’t watch the Olympics.

Shows how much I know about the Olympics- I didn’t realize Phelps was in the 2000 games.

You’re right. He only goes back 8 years. My bad.

I care, but the TV coverage leaves much to be desired. The only way I can watch it is from my DVR, only a small percentage is interesting. And I always manage to miss events like kayaking and fencing.

I hear tickets for the events can be hundreds of dollars, so not likely I’ll ever go in person either.

Nope. I don’t either. In fact, they annoy the daylights out of me.

Don’t forget the Winter Olympics.

The last time I was in the States for the summer Olympics was 1980. It’s pretty funny to be looking on as a non-Japanese and seeing the news. One would assume that there were only a few competitions, and they only involved the Japanese.

The Olympics: A bunch of people I’ve never heard of before, participating in sports I don’t care about.
(Unless you’re talking hockey at the winter Olympics, and then I need to see every game possible!)

I haven’t watched a single second of it so far. I did stay up for the Mars Curiosity landing however. That was way cool and a much better display of teamwork and human talent than than any Olympic event will ever be.