I don't care where they go-I still want to fly Kulula!

My favorite airlines is one I haven’t even flown on yet.


They fly domestic routes in South Africa. I’ve flown with them a lot, once on the “This Way Up” plane. Never on the “flying 101” plane, though I’ve seen it at the airport. They do indeed have funny announcements; quite often they do them in various funny stereotypical accents as well.

Two announcements that I heard on Kulula flights that were not in that list:

“Ladies and gentlement, welcome to Johannesburg. If you’re here on business, we hope it goes well. If you’re here on holiday, you may have chosen the wrong destination.”

“In the extremely unlikely event of a water landing during our flight over the Karoo Desert, …”

A Southwest attendant gave announcements like that on a flight a couple of years ago. It was vey funny. After the safety announcements she said “If you didn’t listen to these instructions, good luck”. After landing she gave a pleasant arrival announcement, then said “The agent is opening the doors now, so get out”.

Kulula also have done some funny(-ish) TV ads in the past.

There used to be an airline in Indonesia that was famous for letting the passengers vote on wether to fly over the islands or over the sea! They kept going out of business and then reappearing! Gone now though.

Sounds a lot like a South African version of SWA.

I’ll be the third to note the Southwest Airlines comparison. In fact, I swear I’ve heard some of those lines on Southwest Airlines flights.

Actually rather makes me think of a real life MJN Air…

I really enjoy that kind of stuff from the crew…

Yeah, Southwest is famous for allowing wisecracks from the attendants. One (business) trip to Vegas included the comment: “And remember, what happens in Vegas… ends up on YouTube.”

WestJet, a Canadian airline, had similar jokes. I enjoyed the flight to and from Canada when I got to fly WestJet.

Amusingly, Kulula is owned by the local subsidiary of British Airways, an airline with a considerably more stuffy reputation.