I Don't Get the 'pResident' Joke Yet...

I have encountered it on an entirely different board, so it couldn’t be a typo. People refer to our president as “pResident” with the “R” strangely capitalized and I don’t quite get the joke yet. The following example would be typical:


What does it mean? What’s the joke (or insult, playful jab, etc.)? Yes, I know it is probably very simple. But don’t worry. I’ll probably be kicking myself for just realizing what it is 5 minutes after I post this :wink: .

P.S. I am very sorry if I have put this on the wrong boards. But I had a choice of putting it either here, or in ATMB, or MPSIMS and I hope I made the right choice :slight_smile: .

It’s a slam on Bush. Those who use it are implying that Bush isn’t really President, just the Resident of the White House. It goes back to the failure of Democrats to understand how to operate a simple push-pin voting machine. You remember hanging chads, don’t you? :smiley:

The “joke” is that George W. Bush is the Resident (as in the White House) rather than the President.

Even as a rather staunch opponent of President Bush, I don’t think it’s funny at all. It’s childish and petulant.

Michael Moore has a much more brilliant way of pointing out the illegitimacy of Bush’s tenure at the White House. He calls him “the President” (the inverted commas are his, not mine quoting him).

Friend, take a look at the sticky threads in this forum – specifically the one about political slams in GQ. Your remark is witty – but also very easily taken as offensive. And I’m sure the Mods. don’t want to have a cleanup in Aisle #3 if they can help it.

Granted that the OP is asking about a quasi-insulting remark – he’s genuinely curious as to what it means. I don’t see it as giving license to throw political insults around.

I’m asking this as a poster in the interest of good relations in here, not slamming you for your joke or trying to play junior mod. on you. Izzat OK with you?

The question has been asked and answered. There is nothing wrong with the question, but it is about a political insult. So, I’m going to close this before we get too carried away with politcal insults.

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