I don't have depression, I have boring lecture syndrome!

Living at home has its advantages – I can’t beat the rent. Actually, that’s the one advantage.

I have just had to spend a morning playing 20 questions with my mum proving that, in fact, I do only have one tute today because the rest have been cancelled.

And the reason I skip lectures is that lecture notes are provided: so many times all the lecturer does is read them out over the space of 2 hours.

So no, I’m not suffering from depression, and no, I’m not failing uni (my GPA can attest to that). I’m taking advantage of the technological advances that have been made since the 70’s to skip boring lecturers!

Actually, the reason I skipped my afternoon lecture yesterday was to spend some time with my girlfriend. Also, since I’ve been working in a hospital for a year and a half I think I was safe in skipping the lecture on manual handling – at this point I could literally teach that class