I don't have to go to court no more more more

Since I’ve bothered you with with my problems, I thought it would be unfair not to share the ending. In case you haven’t been following addtional info here and here. There’s more but those will sum things up.

It finally happened. After six long tortuous years, it’s finally over. I was awarded child support with a year of arrears today. Just like last time, I arrived for court on time with a book. Just like last time court didn’t start until 9:40. Unlike last time, the ex blew off this hearing.

This is in no way exceptional. Since last November she attends a hearing misses the next, a warrant is issued, she attends a hearing, rinse and repeat. For all this time she’s been ordered to complete an income and expense declaration which she hasn’t.

Today was a new day.

As per routine, my lawyer asks for a continuance and a warrant to compel attendance citing the fact that my continued appearances are costing me thousands of dollars. The judge starts perusing the record. He’s says why don’t we just settle this now he then imputes wages of 12/hr against Ex orders a child support and arrears for a year. He also says that if she asks for a change, I may appear by phone.

I’m still trying to decide about going after the “support” I didn’t owe. The woman from the last hearing was out and the rep they sent didn’t have any information on it. The judge asked the clerk to follow up and that we’d hear form him directly.

I’m free. Free.

Good for you! I’m glad it’s over. Congratulations!

Excellent news!