I don't know anyone who... or do I?

If you’d asked me a few days ago, I would have said that I didn’t know anyone, personally, who was currently serving in the US military. Nor did I know anyone, personally, who had a problem with hard drugs. (I live a very suburban existence.)

Then on Sunday my friend Bret mentioned to me that Steve A., a former card-playing buddy of ours who had not been heard from much in recent years, is now living in a rehab house recovering from cocaine addiction.

And just yesterday my mom told me that Carlos, the kid-from-across-the-street who was my playmate from age 0 to 5, is now in the military in Baghdad. (She’s still in touch with his parents).
So, good luck Carlos. And, for that matter, good luck Steve.

I know some of both from my high school days. Right off the top of my head, I can think of 5 guys in the military from my graduating class of 54 (not all in Afghanistan or Iraq necessarily), and several users/abusers of various illegal drugs.

Mainly this stems from the fact that, growing up in small-town Iowa, you have basically 4 options after college:

  1. Military
  2. College
  3. Family business (farming or otherwise)
  4. Prison

You’d be suprised how many opted for option #4 at one point or another.

Erm, I mean, 4 options after High School. :smack:

Well, um, you know my family. Which covered the second issue for a number of years…

What other types of people don’t you think you know? I bet if you looked closer at those you do know already, you’d probably find out a lot more of those things have been there already.

I bet you know plenty of people with a hard-drug problem. Certain drugs are VERY popular in most suburbs including heroin and oxycontin. Drug addicts are absolute masters of stealth illicit activity as a general rule. The only way that you would ever know is if they thought that you were up for it and wanted to use with them or if they got arrested and you read the reason in the paper. You generally won’t see what they don’t want you to see. Usually, their families do not even know until it gets really bad and people’s accounts start getting drained and stuff starts disappearing. It’s there, you just can’t see it and I would recommend that you try to stay blissfully ignorant.

I know several people that are in the military, and quiet a few drug users.

I just found out I know a child molester. Not a personal friend, but I know him through his g/f now wife. (They got married the day he posted bond) :smack:


(It’s Russ)

For reasons some may find obvious from some previous posts, she won’t let me know where he lives.

And yes, the day he posted bail they got married. Again, :wally :smack: ah, fuck it, there aren’t enough smilies in the kingdom of hampsters.