I don't like _______ (Sacriledge, I know)

I didn’t want to threadshit the Janis Joplin thread so I started this one. Let’s begin.

I don’t like the Foo Fighters. I like grunge (or are they modern pop?) but I don’t really get TFFs. As a matter of fact I’m not really that into Dave Grohl. As a drummer for Nirvana he could move sticks up and down but just. Mediocre at best, imho. I don’t hate the Foo or DG but I don’t get the worship (though the Rick Astley bit was clever).

I’m open to be persuaded otherwise.

I’ve always been under the impression that plenty of people out there actively dislike them - and that many, many more just think “meh”…

I don’t like Bob Dylan.

I recognize Jimi Hendrix’s genius; I just don’t like listening to him.

Anybody else read the thread title in Gene Rayburn’s voice and expected to hear some funky 70’s music?

Prince. Journey. Alice In Chains. Michael Jackson.

Another one for me is Sir Elton John. Different than the Foo Fighters for me in that I get what other people see in him. Massive songwriting talent, fantastic keyboardist, great showman and very impressive vocalist and singer but… I just don’t like his music.

I don’t really like the Eagles. Not a fan of Dylan.

Is this just for music? If not, I don’t like Dr. Oz. Why does he have a TV show?

Not liking Dr. Oz is hardly sacrilegious. I don’t know anyone who does.

Rush. Greatful Dead.

I’ve tried REALLY hard to like Harry Potter. But I have yet managed to stay awake for an entire movie.
Also don’t get the appeal of Alyson Hannigan.

I don’t like Bowie or Soundgarden. I’ve also tried five times, unsuccessfully, to watch “Lord of the Rings.”

ETA: I also don’t like reading fiction, despite the fact I was an English Lit major.

Well, someone is watching his show. And he gets a lot of spots on other shows as an “expert.”

In the spirit of the OP, if you want to know why some people do like them, I give you Dave Beato:

Confounding, innit?

Yeh, from the people I know (lots of music geeks and folks who play in bands), the Foo Fighters aren’t really rated much. I mean, great musicians, and decent songwriting, but they just have this really calculated corporate rock feel to them. I mean, I admire Dave Grohl for continuing after the death of Kurt Cobain and putting together a band that’s commercially successful with Dave at the helm. (Grohl is absolutely a solid drummer, but Taylor Hawkins is perhaps better, though slightly different stylistically.) But most of their music just leaves me feeling flat.

So nothing too out-of-the-ordinary for not liking the Foos. I mean, among my friends, I cannot think of a single fan. (Though I do like the odd song here and there.)

For me, it might have to be Dylan. I feel like in theory I like him, but in practice, it just doesn’t do it for me. It’s not the voice or anything like that, it’s just the music is boring, and I tend to be music-centric rather than lyric-centric when it comes to the music I like, and Dylan is certainly a singer for a lyric-centric audience. I respect him; I own a couple of his albums; I just don’t listen to them.

Thank you. Interesting I can appreciate why the group had fans. I’m still not one, however.

For years I identified as a “classic rock” fan, but really there’s a few bands (Queen, The Beatles) that I like and everyone else I’m more of a “greatest hits” fan. But a lot of classic rock’s most famous artists I could never force myself to enjoy:

Grateful Dead
Bowie (I tried. As God as my witness I tried to like him. Just couldn’t happen)
Janis Joplin (sounds like a damn cat being fed into a woodchipper). Big Brother & the Holding Co. as a band sucks as well.
Clapton (although his Unplugged album was good)
Bon Jovi
The Who (although I like them better than anyone else on this list)
Iron Butterfly (did anyone ever actually like them?)
Jefferson Airplane / Starship

The only artists who I have a significant portion of their discography is Fleetwood Mac and Bad Company. But neither one I listen to much anymore.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

I like the idea of Frank Zappa. Frank Zappa in practice, not so much.

Same here. His voice is extremely unpleasant to my ears.

I also found “Citizen Kane” so incredibly tedious I gave up after about 15 minutes. Simply could not have an interest.