I don't like the act of watching TV.

This isn’t a Cafe thread because it’s not really about TV per se. I really don’t like watching TV. It’s not that I’m a big snob and think TV is for dumb people, it’s the actual act of watchign it, regardless of what’s on it, that bugs me. And I don’t know why. I can sit in front of the computer all day long, playing games or posting on forums or surfing or writing HTML or organizing mp3s or whatever and not feel bad at all. In fact, I’ll feel upset when my bedtime comes and I have to stop. But if I watch two hours of TV, even if I relly liked what was on, I get angry with myself and feel like I just wasted time.

People think I am crazy (and they may be right) because I say that if I videotape a show, it guarantees I will never watch it. I try to explain: when you tape something, you are saving it for another time, when you feel like watching it. But I NEVER feel like watching TV. At no point do I say, “This is a fine time to sit and watch that episode of <whatever> that I taped!” So it wil sit there on tape forever, unwatched.

I usually only have one show that I will try to make a point of sitting down to watch. It’s been Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a while. But, since I am so hyperaware of when I’m watching TV, I think I tend to get overcritical of shows. The past two seasons, I really didn’t enjoy Buffy that much, and I’ll probably stop watching it. There isn’t much on the Fall TV schedule that looks interesting to me either.

Is this really starnge? Or are there other people who feel this way? Again, it’s not the quality of TV that bugs me (though it does) it’s simply watching TV versus doing almost anything else. And it’s not like I’m working on my cancer cure when I’m not watching TV, I’m just goofing off in a different way. It’s the act of watching it that bugs me.

Amen brother.

I too do not watch much TV, if any at all. Never seen and episode of Sinfield, or ANY ‘Reality TV’ shows. (If people really wanted ‘reality’, they’d be watching documentaries…)

My folks always give me a hard time for ‘being in front of the computer’ but I always come back and say, “What’s the difference? I go to your place and you’re stuck in front of the TV. Watching like a zombie. So what if I am ‘stuck in front of the PC’, at least I am interacting and using my brain while doing so, and not sitting there like a lump.”

Not that I think there is anything wrong with TV, I do watch it while in bed and am drifting off to sleep, but I just can’t sit there like a bump for that amount of time.

Also, I think most of the stuff on TV now a days is crap anyhoo…sorry, but from what I’ve seen of Sinfield and Friends, they are the dumbest shows I’ve come across…could a group of idiots like that really survive together? And to be honest…I don’t think people acting like idiots are funny. Nope…I don’t the Stoogies either…)

The only time I’ll sit for any length of time in front of the tube is if I am watching a movie…(But then again…I have a DVD drive on my PC :smiley: )

Well. I’m glad someone else thinks about these kind of things. I remember vividly how much I enjoyed watching tv as a kid–just lying motionless, eyes vacant and mouthbreathing. It was fun. It was relaxing.

Now, my mother always had to be doing something. She’d watch tv, but she had to be sewing or reading or paying bills or something–constructive. Tv was a pastime for her in the truest sense. So I noticed it creeping into my adult lifestyle, but I didn’t question its origins when I began having to do something while watching tv.
The only time I actually watch tv without doing something else is when I’m trying to sleep or when the particular movie or show is so captivating that I’m too drawn in to do anything else.
Doesn’t happen very often.

Every TV show I’ve ever seen bores me silly. There’s only one thing that can actually keep my attention, and it’s REALLY embarrassing.


Since I don’t use the TV at my house, whenever I’m visiting someone and a commercial comes on, that guarantees that I’ve never seen it, so I’m completely captivated by it. Of course, I’m only amused by it once, so an evening of conversation interrupted by 60 second “bright shiny object!” awareness will usually do me for about 6 months.

Sad, I know.


Six weeks, Legomancer? Seven?

How long? :smiley:

I too very rarely watch TV nowadays. Not because it’s not enjoyable when I do, but because I can’t bear the thought of just sitting and staring at something for more than half an hour without interacting with it. The net has ruined my attention span, at least with television. I can still sit and read for hours though. Perhaps that’s because books are more interactive in that they’re directly inside one’s head, rather than images on a screen being fed to you.

Plus, we have the grand total of five channels. And I think I’d rather eat a rotting rodent than watch Channel 5 and most of ITV’s output makes me want to saw the top of my head off so I can roll my eyes even further. If I ever watch one more episode of Animal Rescue Hospital Pets in Practice, I’ll cry.

I’m sorry, I’m not following you…

Don’t you mean–“I don’t know”?




(Actually, it was 1.5 weeks.)