I don't think I can tell Sarah Palin from Tina Fey

This is probably due in large part to people, especially male people, not being able to distinguish easily between women. (Quick – how many female female impersonators do you know of? I only know one.) But if you set a picture down in front of me and asked “Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?”, I wouldn’t be able to answer confidently. I don’t think I can tell them apart.

I thought of this while looking at this week’s Newsweek cover. But you can see it elsewhere:

We need a guide pointing out the differrences, so I don’t get caught. Some newspeople already have, apparently.

Here’s only one example: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2008/10/french_paper_mistakes_tina_fey.html

and another: http://www.americablog.com/2008/10/agence-france-presse-mistakes-tina-fey.html

The key is to listen to them speak extemporaneously. Governor Palin is the one who sounds like Mork from Ork.

Seriously, though, the resemblence isn’t THAT close (when Ms. Fey isn’t doing deliberate mimickry.) Governor Palin is attractive once you account for her age and profession. Tina Fey is simply hot.

If leaked reports are actually true, you should be able to see both of them, side by side, on Saturday Night Live this week.

One of them will be a ridiculous parody of an unqualified airhead running for political office, and the other will be Tina Fey.

Tina Fey is the hot one. Plus, she’s got that scar, which, although not obvious enough to be distracting, is easy to spot.

Tina Fey has a fish hook scar on the left side of her mouth. Sarah Palin gave it to her when they were both kids. Tina never talks about it. Weirdly, I think it’s hot.

Sarak Palan is just an emotionless alien.

There’s a resemblance, and Palin looks more Fey than any other famous person, but they don’t look THAT much alike. And for the record, I think Biden looks a bit like Phil Hartman. I wish Hartman was around for that sketch.

Why do you think men can’t tell women apart? Why the hell do I spend all this money on my hair, then?

Well, we could always photoshop Sarah Palin’s face onto Tina Fey’s body.


I think Palin looks more like Peggy Hill than Tina Fey. And I could totally imagine Phil Hartman’s Biden.

Good Lord, there’s an online quiz:

I got 70%. Grading my performance with the same rigor Fox News applies to Palin’s performance in the debate, I’ll call that an A++++.

I got 7/10 correct. I missed #1, 4, and 6.

Also 70%.

You and DeadlyAccurate both get B’s.

Those pictures were much too small. Regardless, I still got 80%.


don’t know if I should be proud of that or not…:smiley:

Ehhh, what’re ya gonna do, it’s a two party system!

70% there are three pics where Palin’s got “skinny face” like Fey that are fooling everyone.

Yup, another 70% here.