I don't usually cry while watching the news. (Warning, animal abuse)

Little Fuckers

I don’t really have anything to add except the story pretty much speaks for itself. I know I’ve given my furkids quite the extra cuddle tonight.


I should also add, Champ’s quite a little heartbreaker - we saw shots of him on the news earlier. If I could take another cat in, I’d offer to adopt him. Luckily, I know if his owners don’t claim him, someone in this city will gladly scoop him up. He’s definitely a little survivor.


Some animal abusing little fuckers grow up to be President of the United States.

That was pretty elliptic. Are you going somewhere with it?

Animal Abuse

Can’t link the NYTimes as archives are by subscription only.

Reading that article made me realize that George W. Bush has excelled at one thing in his life: killing.

That link doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll try google. Thanks for clarifying.

Post google update:

I won’t otherwise comment on the page, but this link appears to have a synopsis of the animal abuse bits of the NY Times article.

As for the prez, it’s upsetting but what can be done? What the system really needs is a vote of no confidence clause.

Ah, so the elderly aren’t people? :wink:

I am having problems, none of the links (except OP) worked…
What did Bush do? You got me very curious.

I can’t understand people mistreating animals… I can understand people not liking animals… but how can somebody do this, you have to see the pain you are causing to the living, breathing animal… Oh God, I am making myself even more upset…

In that order?


I just thought I’d throw this in so we can restore our faith in humanity. This one warmed my heart.

Zazie, I didn’t get anywhere with the link either. Maybe Wakimika can provide a synopsis.

Is Wakimika claiming that the Prez used to torture pets?

Working link to Wakimika’s post: http://www.all-creatures.org/aip/nl-3nov2000-frogs.html

IMHO, the actions described therein don’t seem all that different from those performed by many young boys, especially back when Bush was young.

Ahh hell. Try this

You know, this thread has crap-all to do with the president. He’s not my very favorite guy in the whole wide world either, but, c’mon, let’s focus here.

That being said…there is a difference between shooting frogs and mutilating a cat. We consider cats and dogs to be more human. Whether they are or aren’t makes no difference; it’s one’s perception that it is okay to kill something “kinda human” that is disturbing. After all, we wouldn’t be upset if we learned that someone killed a bunch of those fake ladybug beetles. The more creative the methods used, the more we’d cheer them on.

Frogs are more “human” than beetles. Cats/Dogs are more “human” than frogs.

If a young boy didn’t enjoy blowing up frogs, I would think there was something wrong with them.

If my son enjoyed blowing up frogs I’d send him to counselling.

My preperations for “Operation GenePool Clean-Up” are, sadly, a bit behind schedule…

It reminds me of a scene from a movie called “The Reflecting Skin”. It’s a must-see, but that scene is pretty disturbing. Actually, the whole movie is disturbing. But they really blow up a frog (I think).

Thanks for the link buddafuco.

As I find blowing up frogs absolutly disgusting, a lot of kids (mostly boys I think) will go thru that phase of being cruel to small animals.
I remember vividly being at a friend’s house when I was about 7 or 8 and my friend’s big brother (around 10 or 11 years old) killing a baby bird with a fire cracker… It was disgusting and I ran away, but I can assure you, this same boy, now an adult, is totally “normal” and has no hatred towards animals…
Is it “normal” : no. Is it indicative of underlying problems : I don’t think so, if it stops quick (like I said if it’s a phase…).
My .2 cents!