I don't wanna say the football season is too long, but...

…pitchers and catchers report next week!

How is that not perfect timing? :cool:

What am I going to do for a whole week? Pro basketball is a farce and hockey escapes this southern boy. Soccer is right out, it’s just hockey for guys who can’t skate. I guess it’s college hoops until baseball fires up.

Explain to this Canadian:

Football is from early September to the very end of December with the Superbowl in February.

Baseball is from the end of March to the end of September. Baseball and football fit pretty well.

The NBA season is from late October to April and then the playoffs are from April to June.

  1. What happens in January?

  2. How come football is the shortest and basketball the longest? My first guess was that basketball is not influenced by the weather, unlike baseball and football but then why have football so late in the year?

January is NFL playoffs, with one week off before the superbowl that is currently the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.
Football is the shortest (and by far the least games), because the human body at many positions can’t really handle 16 games + 3 playoff games in a season, let alone games almost every day like baseball and basketball. To put it another way, it isn’t possible to play at a high level for much longer or more often.

There are a few things which factor in. First, football lasts well into January for the playoffs. Both College and NFL now.

Football is also different in that the favored team wins most of the time and the games are physically brutal so a single game is considered adequate to advance in a playoff round; unlike hockey, baseball or basketball where teams play 3-5-7 games before a winner is determined.

Exactly. Counting the Super Bowl, there are four weekends’ worth of playoff games. When you build in that “off week” (which now contains the Pro Bowl, but used to just simply be an off week), that gives you five weeks from the final regular-season weekend, to Super Bowl weekend.

Also, the NFL season, which had begun on the first weekend of September for many years, now begins one weekend later – that first weekend in September is Labor Day Weekend in the U.S., and acts as the unofficial “end of summer” for many people. As it’s a long weekend, the NFL found that their TV ratings were not as high as they hoped on that weekend (as many Americans were off doing other things on the holiday weekend)…and, so, they decided, about a decade ago, to delay the start of the season by one week. This has the result of pushing the end of the regular season one week later, as well, and so, the regular season usually doesn’t wrap up until the first weekend of January.

I don’t want to say baseball season is too long but it is.

I wish it was longer…like the old independent Pacific Coast League which was a high quality AAA league. It routinely 175-180 game seasons and in 1905 the San Francisco Seals played 230 games.