I don't watch "Will & Grace" - but could someone stop the ads??

I watch a few other shows on NBC and therefore have been inundated with W&G ads - I want to smack the people who force us to watch that crap.

A rule of thumb is: Avoid “very special episodes” of any sitcom - you’re a sitcom, fercrissakes!!

I don’t watch the show, understood it to be a funny romp, not some serious relationship bullshit - but either way, hate hate hate the ads…

That is all - carry on.

You, sir, need a TiVo.

Actually, last night they seem to have resolved the conflict, so I think you won’t be bothered as much. OTOH, these were pretty good episodes (esp. last week’s) and were true to the characters in a way that “very special episodes” of other shows almost never are.


WordMan, I couldn’t agree more with your ‘very special’ sentiment. As soon as a sitcom starts in with ‘Tonight, on a very special…’, it’s jumped the shark.

It’s no wonder Seinfeld and The Simpsons are my favorite sitcoms.