I dreamed I played a tennis match against Andre Agassi

And I won!

It’s weird. I don’t even play tennis, and I’m too old, even if I wanted to.

It gets weirder.

My wife and I hosted this tournament, to which we invited the 10 top pros, including Rafael Nadal, the recent winner of the French Open.

The courts — grass, clay, and hardcourt — were on the plushly manicured grounds of our palatial home, somewhere in New Mexico. (Talk about a dream house, this was it.) I beat Agassi on clay.

Everyone had a good time, except for poor Andre. I must admit he was very gracious about the loss, but we all knew knew he was pissed off.

What does all this mean? I haven’t a clue. But it was fun. :slight_smile:

Long-haired Andre Agassi or shaven-headed Andre Agassi?

Bald and probably broken down, as he was in the recent French, which also accounts for my beating him.

One of the odd things about this dream is that New Mexico doesn’t even occur to me more than twice a year, so how come I was living there? And on some fabulous estate!

I woke up smiling.

twickster, I was thinking the exact same thing before I even clicked the thread!
"New Mexico. The land where dreams come true! [sub]unless you’re Andre Agassi[/sub]