I dropped the toilet handle down the toilet.

Sooooo I had finished doing my business and i went to flush and the handle came off and went straight into the flushing water :smack::smack::smack::smack: . Did I break the toilet?Should I call a plumber? What do I do?

You broke the handle. There’s no reason to think you broke anything else.

The handle is probably stuck in the U-bend, just out of sight. You can probably retrieve it without much difficultly. Whether it can be refitted or needs to be replaced depends on how damaged it is.

You should be able to fish it out. When you open the tank lid there will be model numbers on the back wall behind the flush valve( the part the flapper is attached to) bring those numbers and the old handle parts plus the mfr. name is usually between the two bolts that hold the seat to the bowl.

This assumes you have a plbg supply place not a home center. If you can’t find that, Korky makes a couple decent quality universal types but you’ll have to fiddle with them.

Remember the nut that holds the handle to the inside of the tank is left hand thread.

In the southern hemisphere I think they are right hand threads.


Oh … the handle to the toilet … whoosh … just buy another at the hardware store, but this time buy one made of metal, not plastic.

Hopefully you can get the handle out of the toilet.

Just go to the hardware store and buy a new handle.

You can remove the tank, pull the toilet, turn it upside down and shake it.
Buy a new wax ring at the hardware store.

While you’re at the hardware store pick up a 5 gallon bucket in case you have to yack. This is particularly important if this is the only bathroom in your house. Learned that the hard way.

All I’ve ever seen is dirt. It may have been poop years ago.
Oh, and pieces of a coffee mug. The handle would rattle around whenever the toilet was flushed. :slight_smile:

You win the thread.