I experienced up the butt, Bob!

Personally, even.

VH1 ran a series of “Outrageous Game Show Moments” shows last night, hosted by Bob Eubanks. Hilarious shows! One of the clips shown was the one the existence of which was hotly debated here (and even made Snopes, IIRC). It happened on “The Newlywed Game” when Bob asked the wives “What is the strangest place you’ve ever gotten the urge to make whoopie?”. Supposedly one contestant answered “Up the butt, Bob”. Well, I’m here to tell you that never happened. The answer was “In the ass!”. At least, that’s what my lip reading skills understood. The last word was bleeped out. Bob can be heard in the background laughing uncontrollably and saying “NO! NO! We were looking for YOUR location!”.

It was on “Outrageous Game Show Moments II” as a “Hall of Fame Moment”. Bob said the clip would be retired after that show, never to be seen again. In his words “I hope they bury it!” They might, but I saw it first! I can die happy now.

The clip is preserved forever by Snopes.