I feel hilariously sorry for these poor people

IP mapping glitch insists millions of connections originating from a small Kansas farm:


Hm. Sounds like it to my non-lawyer ears that MaxMind’s coffers are ripe for the picking, if they are in fact responsible the content of that database. Fascinating read, although it sounds urban-mythy. Not sure about the reputation of fusion.net. Anybody care to comment?

:confused: all the others had less than one address?

Well caught. I guess most likely they mean an order of magnitude.

If there was exactly 1, that would be within 10 orders of magnitude. There’s a lot of leeway in Fermi calculations.

Or there are 60 people living there and they switched to octal.

It sounds plausible, and it sounds like MaxMind shouldn’t be liable given that they apparently told people using their database that it wasn’t accurate to the level of individual houses.

It doesn’t take too much knowledge or intelligence to realize that trying to find someone’s physical address given an IP address isn’t going to work very reliably. People are expected to take the quality of a product or service into account: It isn’t Ford’s fault if you destroy your car by driving it into a wall, even if a tank would have knocked down that wall and survived just fine.

There ought to be a lawsuit.

In the USA? Oh, there will be, the lawyers will see to it…

Bawahahahahha :cool: