I feel I'm having a smart day after catching a scam

The hand written address and lack of return address on the envelope didn’t faze me at first; but when the letter was about 2 free airline tickets they did seem odd and my radar detected some anomalies. When it said, “We have attempted contacting you several times without success” I thought “They must not have been trying too hard.” A single sheet of paper that is kind of crinkled doesn’t seem too official, especially for something the VP signed by hand. I rarely travel by plane (getting there is half the fun!) and the major rule “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is” definitely leads to Google.

Yep, I was right! Everything I found says it is a scam. 2 points for me! :smiley: If I’m bored later maybe I’ll call and play along just to badger them. I actually do happen to have a pre-paid cell phone if they are also phishing for phone numbers.

You’re going to badger the weasels?

Why not? He ferreted out their scam

Look out! They might be snakes.

Most scams you get these days–by way of mail, on-line, or by phone–you can debunk in minutes with Google. But that guy on the corner with the shells? I’m still trying to figure him out.

Reminds me of the Dilbert cartoon where the boss hired a weasel. It corrects him and the boss says, “Did I say weasel? I meant mink.”

Did he fire him because the mink stole?