I feel incredibly 16-ish right now.

How about you?
Have you ever had a day like this? One where you just feel like you’re 16 again, albeit without all the teenage angst and b.s.?

I went out to go smoke a cigarette on my break today. It had just started sprinkling rain, so I decided to skip the cig and take a walk in the rain. No raincoat, no umbrella. Just light rain, and puddles to splash in.

Then I went to lunch at a local pizza joint. Got a sandwich, sat and looked at the Golden Tee game, that had one Cecil Adams listed as the second place winner. Sat and giggled all the way through the sandwich, prompting customers around me to stare at me. I stuck my tongue out at them. (See-food!)

I came back from lunch to find an email from my ex. He was asking me how I was, since we have not spoken in about a month. I proceded to gush about this new guy that I’m dating, which suddenly made me blush and start feeling the puppy-love come on. I ended up typing this incredibly long email about how sweet/funny/nice/tall the new SO is, all written in the throes of new love. I’m sure he’s reading it right now, thinking, ‘she never acted like this with me!’

It’s odd, because I haven’t really felt this way probably since I was 16.
So, when was the last time you felt like this?

Ah yes, but for me 16 was a happy day when all I had was bs and teen angst.

Short background (so’s I don’t start ranting): at 16 I was a junior in HS, suicidal, living entirely too far away from my home, constantly surrounded by people who not only didn’t like me but let this become public fact.

So let’s think . . . when did I last feel that suicidal?

There was the time last spring when a friend I wanted was going to come visit me for a bit, and that didn’t happen, so I ended up staying in my room at school all day waiting, and that was lots of unfunness. But it wasn’t nearly as suicidal.

There was a time last year around early July when I was being bombarded by stuff I wanted. Then I’d take down my wall and go after it and find out it was unavailable. And if you do a board search you’ll see other stuff that happened around then that contributed to this.

But I think the last time I truly felt that suicidal was 16. Thank God and everything else for that.

The food thing I haven’t experienced since I was in HS, since in college there’s nobody you know who’s a table over throwing stuff at you or making fun of you or your parents or whatever. The love thing I haven’t experienced since November, I think, when someone I wanted told me, in more words, “I don’t want you, you’re messed up, leave me alone”.

Ah, the joys of being far the hell away from 16.


Ah I remember when I was 16. In fact I still am 16! I haven’t felt like I was 16 since now, good old sweet 16.

Arrgh… You’re taking this all wrong…

iampunha, I’m sorry that you had such a bad year at 16. But you must have had at least one good day since then…right?

And jmonster, it wasn’t harsh. The ex is the same person that basically tried to hold me on a leash for 8 years, and I finally got away from him. Now I am actually dating someone wonderful, and it was nice to be able to tell the ex that. Amazingly, he emailed me right back, telling me he was happy, if not a little saddened, that I had finally found someone.

I guess I should have added that little tidbit of info, but I have been in the cheesiest mood all day. I’m still cracking up over Cecil being in second place on the golf game. I can’t picture him going in that dive to play… :slight_smile:

I don’t think I ever felt 16 even when I was 16.

Well, today I sat at home on the computer, went and sat out in the sun, had a bowl of cereal, and considered riding my bike to the video store to see if there were any new movies out. Since I’ve been doing this same shit since I was 10, I would have to say that I feel more like 10 year old.

When I was 16, I felt 30. Now that I’m 30, I feel 16, except for that mortgage/bill payment crap I have to do.

I didn’t feel 16 when I was 16, I was too busy trying to survive. I’ve felt what I suppose society deems I should have felt like in the days since that “golden” year.

Kinda unrelated, but anyone who longs for the days of their carefree youth is full of shit.

You know what? our society tells children that they should all act like mature adults. Goals are set for the “youth of today to succede for tomorrow.” Yet we still treat them like kids, and wonder why our children do things that are only “meant for adults”. (i.e sex and alcohol) For me, 16 was probably the worst part of my life because I was an adult trapped in a child’s body.

Id also have to say that being a teenager is either the worst or best part of ones life. If you are popular and attractive (as in not one of the poor bastards who was covered in acne) then it was the “best times of your life.” But if you were like me or a whole lot of other people then it was a living hell.

With no offense to the OP, feeling like a child can be great, but when all your memories of being a child are like what some have, then youd rather not remember them.

so Im going with what neidhart said…Ive never felt 16…even when I was 16.

I often feel like I did at 16, mainly because I’m still doing the same thing. I joined my first band at 16, and have been playing ever since.

Oh, well, there was that whole high school thing, which was a bummer. I’m glad that’s over. And of course I don’t skateboard anymore. And I have a job and live on my own now. And I can drive a car legally (I was old enough at 16 but remained unlicensed until I was 19).

On second thought, I don’t feel even remotely like I did when I was 16 (11 years ago). Never mind.

Oh sure, I’ve had good days. I just outlined some of the bad ones because 16 was so blasted painful. No reason to be sorry, btw. It helped make me into who I am now, which isn’t an entirely bad thing:)

But feeling 16, as it is to me, isn’t something I ever want to relive unless the other option is death.

And I’m not sure reliving it wouldn’t be the same thing.

I’m 16 now. It’s pretty darn good. I’m not even taking advantage of it yet. I better get going before I’m :eek: 17.

It was a while ago, but it was spring, I was in college, there was cheap beer, and Bad Company was on the radio.

It made me remember hanging out with the town JDs so’s I’d have a place to play guitar.

I get where you’re coming from, Skerri. You got that whole silly-happy thing going on and it bubbled up into a all-day silly mood. Made you feel free enough to act like a kid. Sounds like fun.

Me, it’s been a while. I remember college feeling great because I had freedom and yet was responsible to no one but myself. I knew nobody there from my hometown/high school years, so it was like the slate had been wiped clean and I was able to start fresh, with nobody having a pre-conceived idea that I was a geek-loser. So I wasn’t. A glorious time that went by too quickly.

Now… well there’s nothing like the thought of impending parentood to grab you and shake you and force you to act like a mature adult.

Wait… That’s gonna come across sounding like I’m bitter. That’s very far from the truth. I’m deliriously happy. But I’m also tired. Not much time left to act like a kid right now. Don’t have time to play games on my new computer 'cause I’m doing double-duty on house chores. Missed a good bit of the “June Bugs” weekend because we had to go shop for nursery dressings.

Need a dam’ vacation.

Fair enough; I take it back.

All these posts make me think…I was 16 only 3 years ago. So im a college student now and starting to have to worry about adult things more and more, I should really go out and party like a teenager while I have the time.

My watch stopped shortly before 5PM today. I ran into the main office and said, “Quick: what time is it?” It was only 4:55, thank god. Reminded me of the time I fell asleep in the caf during final exams. I didn’t have an exam last period, so I went in there and fell out for a while. I woke up and no one was there, and I freaked. Teenager’s worst nightmare: trapped in school over Xmas vacation. Luckily, the exam was still on, and I wasn’t locked in.

“Have you ever had a day like this? One where you just feel like you’re 16 again, albeit without all the teenage angst and b.s.?”

Actually, the only time I feel like I’m 16 is when I have all the teenage angst. Sometimes I just feel depressed for no reason, and that’s when I would describe myself as feeling 16.

16 was not a good age for me, I barely lived through it. I was terribly depressed and very suicidal. I’m glad I’m not 16 anymore, though I do miss it at times.

Well, not 16 exactly, but kid like. Earlier this spring when coastal New England got clobbered by a couple of sincere snow storms in the space of a week, the parking lot at work acquired some new mountain ranges of snow fifteen or twenty feet high. After the storm had passed, it was bright and sunny and I just had to climb the snow mounds and throw a few snow balls. I do remember thinking, “Yeah, Finagle, this is pretty mature for a 40 year old!”